the answer is no.


Has there ever been such an adorable snow shoveling helper? I ask you.

23 Responses to “the answer is no.”

  1. Christine

    No, indeed. And to answer your knitting question, SSK is slip slip knit and K2tog is knit two together… knittinghelp.com has always been my go-to. That, and David’s grandma. Enjoy the Ravelry revelry!

  2. Suzanne

    I think I am mostly amused by the fact that they MAKE teeny tiny snow shovels. Because you Minnesotans know how to start ‘em young.

    P.S. I got a sunburn today. From wearing a tank top outside all morning. New England is very very confused.

  3. McKt

    Precious! Getting him started early doing the manual labor chores! Next week he will be asking for his allowance.

  4. Lainers

    O for Cute!!! Any idea on your holiday plans? Don’t suppose you’re up for being inappropriately touched by TSA agents? :)

  5. Criston of My Hand in His

    Wow! OBaby is adorable! But I must say, we’ve had a few snowfalls already – one about 2.5 weeks ago with about that much snow, right before halloween (but it melted shortly after) and another snowfall this past week, with MORE snow than that. Finally somewhere else is getting some of this snow! Enjoy it! It’s probably here to stay…at least for us!

  6. Sarah

    OBaby and my son could be best friends. My son does not want to sled he wants to shovel, he would so love to live up north!


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