the only “bump” I will be talking about today

That? Is my bump at 15 weeks.

This? Was my bump last time at 22 weeks.

GAH! SEE?!?! I told you I look embarrassingly pregnant!

(I should also apologize for the impossibly messy front hallway behind me in the current picture. It’s winter here in Minnesota, which means we have coats and boots up to our blue Swedish eyeballs… which would explain the coats and the boots, but not DanO’s flip-flops there on the ground. For those I have no excuse.)

ANYWAY. I know that you ‘pop’ sooner in subsequent pregnancies, but as of right now I am a good 7 weeks ahead of myself. SEH.VIN. Almost 2 months. More than half a trimester. Nearly 50% of my present gestation duration.

Which is kind of ridiculous.

To put it another way, I look 150% more pregnant than I am. (Right? Did I do the math correctly on that? It’s never been my strong suit. (Please disregard the fact that I used to teach 6 year olds how to add and subtract, the foundations upon which they would build their entire math knowledge. It’s a disconcerting thought. (PS: I like parentheses.)))

54 Responses to “the only “bump” I will be talking about today”

  1. Erin

    I am 13 weeks along with #2, and I definitely look more pregnant than I did last time at this point. You look adorable!

  2. Tiffany

    Just think of it this way – your muscles and womb are already nice and flexible hence the 150% increase in size the second time around :) BTW, that also equates to faster birth….

  3. Sidnie

    Love your baby bump!
    I popped out with Cade too. It’s normal, but it doesn’t really help the situation for people to point that out for you, huh? :)

    Love that GummyBear!

  4. Jo

    Don’t feel bad. I’m on number 4 and when I was at my class reunion people were wondering aloud if I was having twins. I’m due January 9th and this was this SUMMER…as in four months ago…when I looked about 7 months pregnant…even though I am NOW just over 7 months pregnant.


  5. Sarah

    Thanks for putting up a picture! You look adorable! Are you going to find out the gender like you did with Mr Big Brother?

  6. Cambria

    Muscle memory. My belly did the same thing the second i peed on the stick.

    You look adorable! Show it off!

    Hope you are feeling good :)

  7. Britt @ The MamaZine

    How cute are you!? Ok I know its true you show earlier after your first…so now you’ve got me thinking if I was huge last time with a major bump and folks asking how many there were…. how big a bump will I have for round 2? Uh Oh!

    You look absolutely adorable. Love the new bump, thanks for sharing it with us! : )

  8. jen

    you are adorable.
    with my third … i seriously remember looking down at my tum and thinking wow. i kinda look pregnant.
    and. i. hadn’t. even. taken. a. test.
    nor bought one.
    the baby was the size of a period on your computer screen and my bump looked like i was at least 3 months pregnant.
    that had nothing to do with the lack of exercising or icecream treats every night, i’m sure.

  9. jen smith

    Hi Alison–

    I believe this is the first time I have commented–which I do not know why it has taken me this long–I loveee your blog–you bless me–your faith in the Lord—your vulnerblity–(ya know the way you are so open, candid, honest (sorry I cannot spell).

    Thank you for writing and sharing your life with us–

    ps…you look soo good—both with micah and this one—I am 10 weeks and 5 days (to be exact) preggo and I cannot wait to show! =)

    Thanks again Allison–you bless me =0

    In Christ

  10. Kim

    Yep yep yep. I look like I am a good 25ish weeks and I am 16. With Seth I measured 7 weeks ahead my ENTIRE pregnancy until 36 weeks when I started measuring 10 weeks ahead.
    It is AWESOME ;)

    You look darling though, you know that, right???

  11. Brandy

    You, my dear, are absolutely adorable. :-D

    I always wanted to get REALLY BIG with my pregnancies (I say that, having never actually experienced being really big. I’m sure I’d have a different opinion about that if I was ever actually real big lol). When I was 8 months along, most people thought I was 6 or 7 weeks. When I was in labor with her, the doctors didn’t think I was far enough along to be in labor … even though it was only 8 days before my due date.

    With our 2nd, I got a little bigger … but not by too much.

    Least I looked more pregnant than my mom LOL. With both her pregnancies, she barely looked past 6 months along at full term!

      • Brandy

        For me, 6wks is a lot of staring at the back of my eyelids, not green faces. I’ve been blessed w/pretty easy 1st trimesters … no real morning sickness. Don’t hate me lol

  12. Suzanne

    But it’s all the in belly. BIG IN THE BELLY MEANS GIRL. Just as me & Jill. I honestly look like I’m fake-tv-pregnant and cannot even imagine my stomach getting any bigger, although I still have 6 weeks to go. People started asking if I should really be out shopping/walking/driving whatever two weeks ago. Oh second babies.

  13. Erin

    I love your belly! I was teeny tiny with Tommy, like I only gained 10 pounds and at nine months, people thought I had a few months left. BUT my belly was way bigger, way sooner and just all belly. At eight weeks with Tommy, my students started whispering when at eight weeks pregnant with Luke, I was still able to hide a pregnancy from even my own mother AT THE BEACH.

  14. Kimberly

    I think you look mahhhhvelous!!! I’ve heard that women pop out more with their second and third and fourth babies. Also you have my permission to kick anyone in the baby maker if they ask you if there is more than one baby in there…not that you look like it! I just hated when people would say that to me and wished that someone had given me permission to kick the shat out of them ;)

    • AllisonO

      If Gummybear weren’t presently only the size of an apple, I would totally believe you. ;)

  15. Kristen

    Enjoy your bump, no matter the size. We are currently on our sixth month of TTC #2 and I would give anything (except my firstborn) to have another baby bump. Of any size. Treasure it…. :)

  16. Rashell

    For the record, you are so stinkin’ cute! You’re growing a baby, and he/she needs extra growing room. ;)


  17. Elaine

    Oh you’re adorable in both pics!

    And I love the phrase “gestation duration”! HA! (apparently I like things that rhyme…)

  18. Ashlee

    SOOOO not true! You look like me at 8 weeks! Seriously, I find out I’m pregnant and immediately can’t fit into my clothes! Seriously, you look AMAZING!

  19. Stephie LaBouliere

    Is it just me or does it look like you are carrying higher than your first pregnancy?? I have heard that can mean you are carrying a girl.:) But who knows…I have also heard the opposite. I look that pregnant right now, and I am 0 weeks pregnant. Don’t be embarrassed by the fact that your super power is making life…don’t hold your tummy in to try to look smaller (like I do, at no weeks pregnant) stick it out proud and wait in anticipation for all the prego coments!! Remember, even if you still feel ill you always glow, and people just look at you and see utter beauty! Revel in your beauty and your bump! :) (P.S. can you tell me all of this stuff whenever I am pregnant again and struggling with showing sooner that I did with my first) ;)

  20. Marlea

    as if you didn’t already have enough comments saying exactly the same thing…i still want to say this:)
    You look so beautiful! Don’t let that annoying voice in your head tell you otherwise when you look in the mirror at your gorgeous self!

  21. Tiffany @ MomNom

    You’re so cute, I want to squeeze you. (but not too tight.)

    It’s SO true – you show SO much earlier with your second, etc. That being said, THAT is the only “bump” you need to think about, period. xoxo

  22. Stephanie

    You are so cute :) So nice to see such a happy young Mom. You are so very blessed. Best wishes for a beautifull pregnancy.

  23. R's Mom

    You look adorable!! A girl I work with is pregnant with her second, and is going through the exact same thing as you!

  24. domestic extraordinaire

    such a cute baby bump.

    I remember when I was pregnant with The Chicken & so many people would ask me if there was more than one in there and then when I would say no they would ask if I was sure.

  25. Hannah

    You look adorable!! Can’t wait to see you and our bumps can meet each other.

    p.s. I’m voting girl with this one for you. :-)

  26. Lainers

    Ahhhh!!! I stalk my pregnant friends on the internet for just such a post!!! I LOVE YOUR BUMP!! You are TOO cute! not to be a weirdo…but that’s no surprise to you. you look fabulous, too, like the rest of you that is not baby ;) –love that yellow cardi. kisses and hugs from Orygun. :)

  27. Mommy C

    Oh you are so cute! I didn’t show till I was about 20 weeks with my first…I will be fascinated to see how quickly I show with #2.

  28. GMarie

    With my second, I had someone ask me at 20 weeks if I was due that weekend. By the time my daughter was born, I was so pregnant, I looked deformed. You’re adorable! Enjoy it!

  29. kk @ the mom diggity

    for the first time in my life i wish i live in the frozen tundra so we could be real life friends and i could squeeze you!! your belly is adorable and perfectly preggo. I still like 12 weeks pregnant at 8month post partum so i’m sure the moment i get pregnant my uterus will explode.


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