why I haven’t blogged this week

Because really, who wants to hear a lot of this:

whine moan complain whine moan grumble complain whine moan complain whine moan complain whine moan complain whine moan complain whine moan complain lament whine moan complain whine kick and scream moan complain whine wallow moan complain whine moan complain whine moan complain whine moan complain whine moan complain fuss whine moan complain whine moan complain whine self-pity moan complain whine moan complain.

Yea, that sounds about right.

Friends? This pregnancy is kicking. my. ever. expanding. rear.

I have always been an impossibly light sleeper but for the first time in a quarter century, I can barely wake up to anything, and not in a woe is me, I don’t want to get out of bed kind of way, but in a literal I do not wake up kind of way. There’s no self-control about it, I am just plain physically wiped out.

Guess what else is fun about this go around? You know that famed 1st trimester mark, when the nausea and all-day-sickness turn magically into a glowing mama with an adorable baby bump? That 1st trimester that I’ve been out of for 2+ weeks now? When things are supposed to look up for your digestive system?

Gummybear did not get the memo about the 1st trimester rule.

I still get sick. A lot. Like yesterday, when I didn’t make it to the toilet and suddenly found myself with a mess to clean up and a toddler and a dog to sequester.

See? I told you I shouldn’t blog this week. No one wants/needs to hear about this.

So, instead of more of that, here. Here is an adorable video of DanO making OBaby crack the heck up.

(He had a dirty diaper. It was stinky.)

(He being OBaby, not DanO, just to clarify.)

That’s more like it.

26 Responses to “why I haven’t blogged this week”

  1. Stephanie

    Oh, don’t worry, I worked during my second pregnancy as an order entry person and I seriously fell asleep one day typing, woke back up, screen had a bunch of different letters and I just looked around everywhere to make sure no one caught me. The second pregnancy is exhausting!

  2. Tiffany

    I’m sorry you’re still sick :( I too waited for that magical 12 week mark….it stretched all the way to 24 weeks with Justine :(

  3. LeahO

    I love you guys. Seriously.

    Can’t wait to see you! :)

    P.S. Micah looks like he hasn’t stopped growing since I last saw him!

  4. Amber Martin

    I was sick the whole day, everyday of my entire pregnancy, at around 17 weeks I started taking zofran before I went to bed and it kept the throwing up away. I tried not taking it at different points, but would still be sick. Maybe you can ask your OB what you can take to help. I hope you feel better very soon.

  5. Sarah

    Sorry that you have been feelng so puny. Pregnancy gets harder each time I think but like someone said, easier in the end!

  6. Tiffany @ MomNom

    Of friend, I threw up the morning I delivered Bubbette. Sick the entire time. Which, leads me to guess GIRL!

    PS – that video is so darn cute. I showed Bubbette – she said bebeh. Translation – you picked a winner momma.

  7. R's Mom

    Adorable video!

    Not to be contrary to Tiffany above, I was sick the entire time, and had a girl! In all seriousness, and not that you want to hear stories of “I threw up everyday” (even though that’s what I’m saying), I can tell you that even in the sickness persists, you sort of get used to it. I know that sounds weird, but by the midpoint of my pregnancy, I was just fine to go about my daily life…I just had to take a time-out and sick a couple of times a day. (I know…gross).

  8. Our Love Captured

    I say blog away! Sometimes you need a pity party and for your bloggy friends to be there for you. BTW, with my first I was sick several weeks after the 1st Tri. It was after 16 weeks when I wasn’t throwing up every day, and a few more weeks after that I didn’t get sick anymore. I hope that is the same case for you. I really feel for ya.

  9. themanager

    i’m sorry you are still are suffering the pregnancy blahs! i was sick for a long time too!

    i love all those giggles over the stinky diaper! he has a great laugh!

  10. kk @ the mom diggity

    you poor thing. blog away…i moaned and complained for all 32 weeks of sickness & you can too! everyone {ok not everyone, but us NORMAL baby carrying people} understand. I have no sympathy for people who don’t puke.

    One word – Zofran. Have you tried it?

  11. Mama Fisch

    Oh hang in there mama! How was your first pregnancy? Maybe it is different this time around with a girl? This is my BIGGEST fear when we try for another because the first time it was BLISS I tell you. Hopefully, you will get some relief soon.

  12. Amanda

    I don’t mind whining… I think we all deserve to whine once in awhile. I’ve been there… everyone told me it would go away at 3 months, and they lied!! Praying the Lord will be your strength and your joy. I was reading Isaiah 40 this morning, and it was an incredible reminder of God’s power and my need for Him. :) P.S. I love your rug. And obaby has an adorable laugh.

  13. Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year

    oh, honey. I understand. I felt like that until at least week 15 or 16. Only then did the all day feeling “like I have to hurl if only I could lift my head” feeling ease up. Hopefully you’re about ready to turn that corner. What week are you in? How were you with OBaby?

  14. Suzanne

    For the record, I have thrown up EVERY DAY since I was 8 weeks pregnant. EVERY. DAY. Luckily, it only lasts for the first 30 minutes of each day but OH GOD WHY DOESN’T IT EVER STOP?

    Also for the record, I love hearing about other people’s pregnancy symptoms. Even when all they do is complain. Makes me feel better about my own complaining.


  15. Cambria

    My second pregnancy kicked my butt. I was not only sick, but exhausted. It doesn’t help having a toddler to chase and not being able to sleep when you want to. Hang in there. It’s totally worth it :)

  16. Sarah S

    Hang in there! My second pregnancy the morning sickness didn’t go away until about week 17. I’m not sure why the second pregnancy seems so much harder -maybe because you have a toddler to chase around? Those kiddos will make you tired all on their own – even adorable ones like O Baby. : )

  17. Kristy

    Talk to your doctor if it gets too bad hon. I was sick (during my second pregnancy) for the first 7 months! I hated it. Finally, after losing thirty pounds, my doctor put me on some type of medication. She said it was way less harmful to the baby, then throwing up every nutrient I tried to consume.


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