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a year in pictures (of OBaby)

Because, really, he’s why you’ve been here. Enjoy! January: {I KNOW, RIGHT?!} {ZOMG, solid food!} February: March: {Trip to Oregon coast.} April: {It has not been all smiles. Trust me.} May: {We flew a lot.} {Hiking in Utah.} June: {The beginnings of toddler mischief.} July: {Aaaand we had a walker.} {BLUEEEEE FROSTIIIIIING} August: {In Oregon… Read more »


the gender reveal

On the day of our 20 week ultrasound for gummybear, we had plans to go over to O My In-Laws’ for dinner and somehow reveal the baby’s gender. So, that morning I made some completely natural, organic, from-scratch cupcakes (read: from a box) and left them out to cool while we went to the ultrasound… Read more »


quick! post the Christmas pictures! before they’re irrelevant!

(Attn. architecture and design gurus: the great-grandparents live in a house that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for them. True story. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see some classic Wright angles and styles, especially in the furniture.) (Get it? Wright angles? Bahaha.) A very Swedish Christmas Eve dinner at OBaby’s Great Grandpa… Read more »