a furnace, a digestive system, and a car

What do they all have in common, you ask?

They have all screwed me over in some way in the last 4 days. O yes, friends. It’s true.


Episode One: the furnace

Thursday night around about 8:00pm DanO and I started our nightly marital banter.

Me: Babe, it’s cold in here.

Him: It’s the same temperature it always is. Want this blanket? ::passes me blanket::

Me: This and 4 other blankets plus maybe a foot massage (I think I still have feet? Not sure, haven’t felt them in about an hour) would make it better.

Him: Fine. You can turn it up ONE degree. O-N-E.

Me: ::smugly walk over the the thermostat and victoriously press the up arrow:: … Uh, babe? Nothing’s happening. AND IT SAYS IT’S 62° IN HERE!

The next couple hours were spent not cuddling on the couch watching NBC comedy but instead, rounding up space heaters and trouble shooting the thermostat. You know, the $60 thermostat we bought about a month ago. Because surely it was the $60 thermostat’s problem and not the…

…the $1500 furnace that we put in new when we bought the house 2.5 years ago. No, no. It couldn’t be the furnace.

Until it was the furnace. By the time we isolated that it was the new, expensive furnace and DanO had a pretty good idea what part in the new, expensive furnace was malfunctioning, it was near midnight (Did I mention it was new? And expensive?) so we cuddled up with space heaters a’ glowing in both bedrooms and made plans for the next day.

Friday. DanO uses his lunch break to meet with his dad at our (now 52°) house and work on the furnace. OBaby and I are exiled to Nana and Papa’s house. Holy away from home all day with a toddler in a non-toddler-proof house Exhaustion. And the best part is, what toddler in her or her right (or wrong) mind would ever want to nap at Nana’s house? So! Many! Things! to get into! And put in our mouths! Must! Climb! On! Fireplace! Must empty All! Decorative! Bowls! filled with Nic-nacs!

So OBaby didn’t nap, despite my best consistent and stubborn efforts. Thankfully, we were saved by the bell/phone call from DanO that HUZZAH! Christmas miracle! They had replaced the control panel on the furnace and it was now like new (very, very new. And expensive.)! Friday afternoon looked to hold a nap for OBaby after all.

Thus ends the saga of the malfunctioning (new, expensive) furnace. But, wait! There’s more!


Episode Two: the digestive system

As expected, OBaby was asleep before we even left Nana and Papa’s driveway. First thing I thought to myself? “Dude, I totally deserve McDonald’s right now.” Up to the drive-through I pull, order my meal (What’s that? It’s 2:00 in the afternoon? Not really lunch but definitely not dinner yet, either? And there are how many calories in that meal? ::lalala:: I can’t hear you!) complete with sweet tea as the beverage (PLEASE tell me you’ve had their sweet tea?). Then I sat in an idling car with a sleeping baby in the back, consuming an impossible numbers of calories by the mouthful. It was supposed to be everything I deserved after that day, and more. Except it wasn’t.

I finished my sandwich and found myself shockingly, unprecedentedly, impossibly not at all desirous of the tub full of greasy fries that sat on my passenger seat (yes, I just said desirous). Weird. I sipped some liquid sugar/sweet tea and headed for home (where our new! expensive! furnace was now working) to idle the car there for the rest of the nap. I twiddled my thumbs for a while, and you know what? Gosh I really don’t think I’m feeling so great, I thought. Soon after, OBaby woke up from his nap and the sequence of events that followed went something like this:

  1. Take OBaby out of car.
  2. Grab purse and diaper bag.
  3. Turn and head for the house.
  4. Turn head and throw-up in the yard (while holding OBaby).
  5. Walk as fast as I can to put OBaby and bags in the house.
  6. Walk back to the front yard and throw-up more (no way I was making it through the house to the bathroom).
  7. Tell OBaby that I’m ok.
  8. Say it again, but louder so he can hear me over his cries.
  9. Close the front door so he can’t see me.
  10. Throw-up some more.
  11. Cry and go back into the house.

O, O HOW I WISH this were the end of the digestive system saga. Except it’s not.

DanO, my night in shining armor, my furnace-fixer extraodinaire, and the father of my babies arrived home with these in hand:

imageThe tri-fecta: Bubble Bath, chocolate, and flowers.

This day was totally looking up, impromptu vomiting aside.

But, before I could even enjoy a peaches and cream bubble bath or a peppermint bark square, my stomach was at it again.

And again.

If you needed me at any point Friday night, I could have been found clutching a metal bowl and/or the toilet. I kept nothing down, not chicken soup, not broth, not gatorade, not a popsicle, not even water. I called my midwife and was told to go into the ER if I went 12 hours without keeping liquids down. At 11:00pm when I moved laboriously from the couch to my bed, that looked like the direction in which we were headed (YAY! ER TRIP AT 3AM!).

My head hit the my pillow and there it was: a low, aching, crampy feeling that started in my lower back and moved to the front. Then it was gone. But there it was again. And again a handful of minutes later.

That? That is what pre-term labor contractions feel like. Dehydration? It can cause contractions and pre-term labor. Screw 3am, I called my midwife and told her we were headed to the ER that very second (if I could just get pants on between throwing up).

We had, praise God, already been in contact with friends (none other than The Flipping Couple) who live nearby and were leaving their phones on in case we needed them at 3am. Thankfully, they were ready a few hours early and we were off to the hospital. YAY! ER TRIP AT MIDNIGHT!

The next several hours went something like this (prepare yourself for a 1am hospital mugshot):

imageO, yes. I felt exactly as good (and cold) as I looked.

I was given an IV of fluids and some anti-nausea medicine. For nearly 10 hours I had felt like death reincarnate, and I’m telling you it took less than 10 minutes after the IV was in for me to feel human again. They also monitored gummybear and checked to make sure I had no other signs of labor. Thankfully, I did not and gummybear’s heart sounded great.

(An aside: I went fully 10 years having only seen female doctors for my… ahem… very female concerns. That ended on Friday when Dr. Jeremy was on call in the ER. O My Heck, why anyone would have a male for her female concerns doctor is beyond me (but bless your heart).)

I was discharged at 3:00am with a prescription for more of the anti-nausea medication.

THAT, and a full day of sleeping more than I was awake on Saturday, is the end of the digestive system saga.


Episode Three: the car

Today. I survived Monday. It was 3:30pm and Daddy was going to walk through that door any seco…

“Hunny? I’m stuck at work. My car won’t start. As in the engine won’t even turn over. Can you come get me?”


…to be continued.

No, really. I have no idea how this is going to end. We were able to jump it eventually (and I do mean eventually) but… GET THIS: The battery? It’s new. New, like 3 months new. And? Was moderately expensive.

(This is me, throwing my hands in the air.)

33 Responses to “a furnace, a digestive system, and a car”

  1. ann @ mylifeasprose

    oh allison!! that just plain sucks. i’m sooo glad that everything worked out ok with your vomiting and dehydration… that’s so scary to start to have preterm contractions!!

    i *really* hope that the battery is the only thing wrong with the car… and all this in december, too!! keep us posted how it all goes!

  2. Kristal

    Oh you poor, poor thing. I sure this is one of those weeks were you just can’t wait for it to be over. I hope the car doesn’t give you anymore troubles and I hope you have a much more restful and uneventful day tomorrow.

  3. Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife

    Our heat is out too! Except we don’t have the money to fix it, so we’ve been living in a 50 degree house for two weeks…hopefully we will be able to fix it in January! I know how not fun that is!

    Sorry to hear about the ER trip! Glad you are feeling better!

    • AllisonO

      O My Goodness, friend! Tell me you’re not living somewhere like here, where the low tonight is -12? It is unthinkable to go a month with no heat in the winter up here in Minnesota. You must be somewhere warmer, right? Yikes!

      • Sara

        Low at night is -12 ?!? Oh my, I am from the UP of MI and it was way below zero yesterday during the day. I am praying for your family. I do hope you can get it fixed soon. And Allison, many prayers for you and your family also. God will give you strength though these troubles.

  4. themanager

    that is the worst 4 days possible. i’m so sorry hun! i’m very thankful you were able to get things under control and are feeling better.

    i hope the car turns out to be something minor.

  5. Sarah-Anne

    Posts like these make me want to jump through the computer screen and hug you so. hard. You have been through so much, Allison, and no matter what you think: you deserved that Mickey D’s. :) Is that what made you sick? I got kinda confused…
    I can relate to the heat going out though! We went a whole two days without gas, and the house was a steady 48 degrees in the middle of winter. No fun. :(
    There go those virtual hugs again!

  6. katie

    when it rains, it pours, right? (or more like, when it snows it blizzards and your stadium roof collapses, but whatever.) i’m glad you made it through, and the wee one is fine. we had the same problem with our car last winter (also with a relatively new battery). i am the least helpful person in the world when it comes to cars, but if i recall it was something like we’d flooded gas or something in it somewhere or somesuch, and by “we” i mean the mister, with his habit of stepping on the gas sometime inappropriate like during ignition or something — i told you, i don’t really know what i’m talking about, except that eventually jumping it ceased to solve the problem and all in all it was not my fault. =) feel better (about all of this!) soon!

  7. Rebecca

    oh my what a weekend! i’m so glad you’re feeling better. and i really hope your car trouble is inexpensive to fix. we, too, are having car troubles…and also have a new battery. hmm.

  8. Kacia @ Coconut Robot

    o-Allison! I’m saying a lot of prayers for you right now! I wish I was in MN – so we and our pregnant selves could snuggle and spoon, and just make this expensive yucky stuff seem like no big deal.

    Love you loads


  9. KTG

    yIKES! Been there with the furnace,pregnancy emesis and the toddler that won’t nap(that’s what really makes me pull my hair out!!) hope you’re feeling better!

  10. cassie c

    Yuck! It all happens in threes – good and bad. And I’m sorry you are experiencing the bad + all the expenses that come with it! I’ll be hoping your bout of good in three comes quickly!

    PS. I love how today in Minnesota it was probably -2* at 3:30 and DanO is out without a hat! Only in Minnesota!

  11. katie

    O good grief! How is this all happening to you guys?!? And it’s like freezing where you are isn’t it? O friend! Lots of prayers that the car is easily fixed (and for not a lot of $$)!

  12. Hope

    I’m so sorry to hear about all that has happened. I spent much time in the ER when i was pregnant because of how sick i was. I know how unfun that is. As to the car, if the battery is new and yet its not holding a charge then tht more then likely means tht the altranator is out on it. That is what recharges the battery as the car is running…say you plugged your rechargable batteries in but the charger went out. I’d start there with it. It can be an easy job if DanO (or you, I did mine in High school) knows how to fix cars and pretty inexpensive then. If you need to bring it in it will be a couple hundred more.

    Good Luck

  13. brittney

    ACK! What a terrible, horrible chain of events! I had the whole throw-up-diarrhea-virus in February when I was pregnant and wound up hospitalized for 3(!!) days. So I.feel.your.pain. It is no, no fun.

  14. kk @ the mom diggity

    Wow girl. I wish I lived next door and could help! Sometimes the world wide web stinks because it’s so…wide. and worldy. Sending prayers, love and healing thoughts your way!!!

  15. Annie

    When it rains it pours! Or more appropriately for MN this weekend, when it snows is blizzards!
    Ugh, what a time you’ve had. Thankfully everyone is okay now and hopefully the car saga will not be a long one.

  16. Elizabeth

    my husband read this post over my shoulder and then asked if all of your blog posts were like this. i said yes. he said, wow, now i know why she’s so popular! :)

    so glad you and gummybear are ok! that must’ve been so scary!

  17. Criston of My Hand in His

    Oh Allison, how awful!
    I hope the McD’s didn’t cause your sickness b/c I used to work at one up here in Canada and I honestly can say the food we made wasn’t likely to cause anyone to get sick, unless a person was intolerant of greasy foods…that’s the only thing I can think of unless they didn’t properly cook/store the food at the one you went to (which they DO teach in training).
    I know how horrible it is to be sick with digestive troubles in the ER, as I was much of the beginning of this year with unknown issues, but I’ve never been sick with digestive troubles while pregnant in the ER! I hope you’re feeling 100% again! And, if it helps, a blessing in disguise would be that you at least got home before you started throwing up – and it didn’t come on suddenly while driving or away from home.
    As for the furnace and car troubles, I really only have experience with car troubles. But I don’t believe either issue would be fun, and I’m sorry you had them to deal with to add to your already less than ideal weekend.
    I’m so glad your baby is okay despite the sickness and stress though!

  18. Hannah

    Maybe it’s the alternator. We thought my battery was dead after 3 months, turns out it was the alternator. Most auto part places will do a free diagnostic test (if you can get the car there)

  19. Kellyn

    You certainly had a rough week!! So glad you are feeling better, have stomach…issues…when pregnant makes it 10 times worse.

    Oh cars…I hate cars…

  20. Stacey

    Check the connections to the battery! This JUST happened to my car last week where it wouldn’t turn over, but eventually started. The battery is only a few months old, so I took it to Auto Zone and they tightened all the connections and problem solved! I hope your solution is as cheap!

  21. Brandy

    Oh man. What a rough few days there!! Funny in hindsight … but I’m sure it was NO FUN in the midst of it.

    Male doctors? They are no good. {no good as in NEVER again — not no good as in they can’t do their job}

    My doctor w/our oldest was male, but I always dealt w/his female partner until I went into labor. He complained of missing a football game because I was in labor. Seriously?! Oh boy, I almost kicked him across the room.

    When our oldest, I went to a practice w/5 doctors. And I had to see each one of them. One of the males was … … ok. The other was horrible.

    Guess who was on call when I went into labor with her? Oh yes, my friend. The HORRIBLE one.

    THANKFULLY, since I waited until the last possible second to allow anyone to take me to a hospital, the nurses delivered our youngest daughter. 10 minutes after we walked into the hospital. The horrible man doctor? He didn’t arrive until I was ready for a couple of stitches. Praise God.

    I won’t get into cars. I have a love/hate thing with cars.

  22. Elaine

    Well, at least it’s over since you know the bad stuff comes in threes and you had your three!

    So sorry, sweet girl! Hopefully all three things (furnace, stomach, car) are working as they should now!! XO

  23. Sarah S

    Oh noooooo! I hope the whole “bad things happen in threes” is true for you and it’s done. I too have only had female doctors, for pretty much everything and my mom has gone to a man gyno for years and I JUST DON’T GET IT. I have no idea why you would see a man regularly for that. Hope you’re feeling better and car thing isn’t too expensive.

  24. Karie

    Oh we have totally been there. YUCK! Glad you are feeling better, my two just got over colds and I told them no more sickies till Christmas is over! Being prego, sick and having a preschooler is the hardest thing I have ever done!! Love your thankful list tho. Way to go girl!


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