I have a snow cave in my front yard.

What? Don’t you?





It’s a good 2 feet taller than OBaby, and that’s in these pictures. We’ve had 8 or so more inches since these were taken.

Remind me why I live here, again?


I have just been informed that I am to refer to it as the man cave, not a snow cave.

I stand corrected.

22 Responses to “I have a snow cave in my front yard.”

  1. Ashley

    holy cow. I can’t even imagine that much snow. were having the warmest winter so far in a long time. The only ice we’ve had is some on our windshield christmas morning..hubby is still wearing shorts lol

  2. Suzanne

    OK, WHERE did you get the snowsuit? I’m failing at being cold-weather prepared since my kid thinks “naked” is appropriate for anything above 20 degrees.

    • AllisonO

      It’s Columbia Sportswear! They have such awesome outdoor gear for kiddos. (I also happen to have a step-mom who works there, but I swear I’m not biased. It’s good stuff.)

  3. Criston of My Hand in His

    You live there because oBaby and new baby will grow up and remember how much fun they had in their cave(s)! I have memories of a cave of my own…the snow doesn’t seem as big or as tall or engulfing now that I’m bigger, though, so I have to hold onto those memories to remember what it’s like to be a kid exploring…

  4. Nicole Drysdale-Rickman

    O the cheeks on that boy!! ::squish, squeeze!::

    I have a feeling one year from now, you will look back at that second photo and cry too. Our babies, they do grow sooo fast!!

    and MAN that is a lot of snow!!!

  5. Kellynn

    Did you hear we’re supposed to get hit AGAIN Thurs/Fri!?!!?
    Seriously…..this year is nuts but I am enjoying the “warm” weather this week!

  6. Emiliy H.

    Allison – My in-laws just informed us that they are moving to Minnesota! Minneapolis/Northfield to be exact. Being from California, this blows my mind. I can’t wait to visit the Great White North. Hey, maybe we can grab some Caribou Coffee and chat about blogging. :)

  7. april c.

    a-dorable. he is way too big… holding a shovel? does it break your little heart? “o” my my my!!! he’s presh.

  8. Jacki

    “Like Father, Like Son”

    It is O so obvious that OBaby got Daddy’s snow-lovin gene!

    I would be taking pictures while looking out of the window ;)

  9. shelley

    I haven’t seen that much snow since I was a little kid! Boy did your pics bring back awesome memories. I guess that’s a reason for living in the great white north … awesome snowy man cave memories for OBaby.


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