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the one about pregnancy hormones

I could not start this post with anything other than: My poor, sweet, patient, long-suffering husband. The emotional roller-coaster of pregnancy. It has started. I remember last time when I was pregnant with OBaby, my once-a-day cries were sometimes (ok often) for no reason and were almost predictable. The last few weeks you could set your watch… Read more »


Gifts for Life: the winners

It’s still Monday, right? Ok, good because I still need to announce the winners of the Gifts for Life giveaways. Winners, winners, chicken dinners! The Bird E Studios $40 shop credit winner: Comment 37, left by Lynzie The Earth Mama Angel Baby Morning Sickness Bundle winner: Comment 5, left by Vee The winnerS (FIVE of them!!!)… Read more »


Gifts for Life: Bird E Studios

This holiday season, I want to give. I mean really actually truly give. Gifts that mean something. Gifts that honor someone. Gifts that make a difference. Join me? I don’t remember exactly how or when Erika of Bird E Studios walked into my life, but I remember that it was an online connection made in… Read more »