quick! post the Christmas pictures! before they’re irrelevant!

(Attn. architecture and design gurus: the great-grandparents live in a house that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for them. True story. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see some classic Wright angles and styles, especially in the furniture.)

(Get it? Wright angles? Bahaha.)

A very Swedish Christmas Eve dinner at OBaby’s Great Grandpa and Great Grandma’s house:


So dapper in a tie. Sorry, little ladies. Lad’s spoken for already.


DanO, helping to earn our keep at the kids’ table. (And well, he’s spoken for, too.)

(Yes we were at the kids’ table. Word is it’s because of OBaby, but I have my theories.)


Post-meal lethargy. So. Many. Swedish. Meatballs.


I call this one: Luckiest Woman Alive.


The O Family has a Christmas Eve tradition of lighting a candle at each spot while saying “Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.”” OBaby got to “participate” this year.


Another O Family Christmas Eve tradition: Great Grandpa reads the Christmas story.

And the women get teary eyed.


Merry Christmas!


(OBaby would like you to know that he is “all done” taking pictures, now.)


And that he is positively terrified of “Santa”.


Christmas morning:


OBaby was given several pieces of outdoor clothing from my parents,

and naturally he wanted to wear them all simultaneously. Ah, toddlers.


Biggest hit of the day: A genuine Black & Decker tool kit from DanO and me.

The kid has been “drilling holes” in everything since.


Please ignore my bizarre facial expression, because other than that this is a precious picture.


OBaby’s other gift from Daddy and Mommy: A pint-sized chair that matches our couch.

When we are not drilling holes in it, we are climbing up into it with books.



I hope you had a beautiful Christmas celebration!

23 Responses to “quick! post the Christmas pictures! before they’re irrelevant!”

  1. Mama Marchand

    OBaby is so precious! I just want to squeeze those cheeks … but, not in a weird way. :) Love the family traditions and the photography is beautiful. Happy New Year!

  2. R's Mom

    Such wonderful pictures! It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!

    Where did you find OBaby’s tool set? That is definitely the type of thing I would love to get R next year! (My hubby is quite the handyman, and it would be so cute if R had his own set of tools to work “with” dad!).

    • AllisonO

      Actually, we found it at Costco in like, October. On the outside of the case it says “Black&Decker Junior”. Maybe try googling that? Ours was $20, but I know Costco sometimes has really cheap prices compared to retail. Good luck!

  3. themanager

    O my cuteness! look at him! i’m talking about OBaby, sorry DanO. although he is handsome too! these pictures are awesome! and, where did you find that tool set? we looked everywhere for one that wasn’t too ‘baby’ & wasn’t too ‘not baby’ but came up empty handed.

    see, this is why i said you are the sweetest little family i know!

  4. Jenn

    O my. LOVE his Christmas Eve outfit! Look at the shoes! Cuuuute. All of these are so precious. LOVE him watching DanO read…

  5. Tiffany @ MomNom

    That’s right ladies! He is spoke.en.for.

    Seriously, that first picture? It’s just too much. And the one of DanO and him in the chairs? Put that in a frame, stat! Oh, and the terrified Santa….

    Oh goodness, they are all adorable.

    But that tie and vest? You kill me with the cute.

  6. Darlene

    What Swedish traditions did you guys do? Is his family from Sweden? I grew up there and we still do some of the Swedish traditions as well.

    And we made an Ikea run up to twin cities (from IA) when we were back and got matching chairs also- one for us one for the little man. :)

  7. Carissa

    What a beautiful family! I noticed the Frank Lloyd Wright things. My dad is a huge Wright fan. He’s an architect too. I love mission style furniture, our living room & master bedroom furniture is mission style. Our next big purchase is new dining room furniture and I’m hoping to find something similar to that chair O’Baby is sitting in with his booster seat. I would have the whole house that way if i could! Okay, I think I’ve rambled enough & said the word “furniture” way too many times, I’ll stop now. Have a happy New Year!

  8. Karey

    First of all, LOVE the little suit and tie – that is adorable! Secondly, I’m pretty sure there is nothing cuter than a sweet toddler with a confused look on their face signing “all done.” We taught all of our kids sign at a very young age and it was imperative to the communication in our house! :)

    Anyway, beautiful pictures, and beautiful family!


    Oh, and we always have the “eldest” man in the family (who now happens to be my Dad) read the Christmas story before dinner and it’s a most precious tradition. After all, Jesus is the ONLY reason for the season!

  9. megan

    The picture of great grandpa is priceless and made me weepy! traditions like this are awesome.

  10. Emily H.

    Frank Lloyd Wright?! How gorgeous! Here in Cali, our guest bedroom is Wright inspired with the Arts & Crafts look. I’m sure the house is gorgeous! And speaking of goregous — hello amazing photographs! I just used xmas money to buy the 50mm 1.8 lens for my Canon Rebel. Can’t wait to get fab looking pics like these! OBaby is stunning in that little outfit! I hope your family loved the knitted gifts. Merry post-Christmas to you all! :)

  11. Rebecca

    sounds like a lovely Christmas! i love the picture of your grandfather reading the Christmas story…seriously! and the very last photo…with obaby looking up at daddy while he reads…beyond precious!

  12. Rachel

    Precious! My son received the same little chair from his great grandparents…it’s precious! Now, I just want furniture to match!

  13. shelley

    Wow – a Frank Lloyd Wright house in the family. O My Extended Family gets cooler by the minute – if that were possible. Though by the end of college I was F.L.Wright-ed practically to death, he’s still one of the greatest of all time and the coolness factor is off the charts. =)

    p.s. Is the furniture nailed down? It always cracked me up that he did that to clients.


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