the gender (not an announcement. yet.)

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We have our 20 weeks ultrasound tomorrow (Thurs) at noon!

Make your prediction now (in the comments) or forever hold you peace!

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  1. Elizabeth from Indy

    I just had mine on Monday and we found it it’s a BOY! Our second. So, in honor of that, I’m guessing another boy for you too!

  2. Amber Martin

    I don’t know…Boy…even though it would be awesome to have a girl. Everyone I know is having boys…so boy. (hopefully I’m wrong) Boys are awesome though as you know!! :o)

  3. Anna

    I’m so excited to find out! Are you feeling different with this pregnancy? I can’t remember if you were super sick with OBaby. This is totally irrelevant, but I was way sicker with GirlBotz and had a similar experience to you (ER visit for fluids, Zofran, etc.) so I’ll vote Girl. BoyBotz was easier sickness-wise and I don’t know if it was a hormonal difference, or just 2nd pregnancy…
    Are you gonna tell us?? :)

  4. Sidnie


    O, I have no clue. I loved when we found Cade was a boy. Because we already had Austin, we knew boys. It was just easy with them so close together, we already had all the clothes.
    But had it been a girl? I would have loved that too.

    So excited for y’all! Can’t wait for the big reveal!!
    Enjoy that heartbeat. That’s my favorite part.


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