the gender reveal

On the day of our 20 week ultrasound for gummybear, we had plans to go over to O My In-Laws’ for dinner and somehow reveal the baby’s gender. So, that morning I made some completely natural, organic, from-scratch cupcakes (read: from a box) and left them out to cool while we went to the ultrasound appointment. When we got home, knowing it was a boy, I filled each of the cupcakes with blue frosting.


(Uhm? ::tilting head:: This picture only loaded with 1/2 a water mark?)


I watched several tutorials online of how to fill a cupcake, but honestly? They were all far more complicated than it needed to be. One person had a special frosting tip, which, while I’m sure it would help make it easier, it is certainly not necessary. Another person used a corer to take out the middle part of cake before putting in the frosting. Also not necessary (although perhaps the more proper and standard way to do it. But since when has my kitchen been proper or standard? Exactly.).

I literally just mixed some completely natural, organic, from-scratch frosting (read: from a can) with several drops of food coloring, put it into a piping bag with one of my mid-sized tips on it (I only have 4 tips, not the fancy one the person on you tube used called a zipper tip. My layman’s tip seemed to work well, though), stuck the tip down into the cake and squeezed as I lifted it out.

The first cupcake I *had to* bite into to test the results, and I thought the filling was a bit too shallow into the cake. From that one on I pushed the tip in as low as I could get it toward the bottom of the cupcake and that seemed to do the trick. I tested one or three more just to be sure, though.

I then swirled white frosting over the tops of the cupcakes and checked from each angle to make sure the blue frosting was obscured and wouldn’t be seen until they were bitten into.

(This picture is from my phone. I’m sorry.)

It was seriously easy-peasy, especially given the boxed mix and frosting component. Probably less than 30 minutes effort on my part for 12 cupcakes.

We headed over to O My In-Laws’ for dinner and the big reveal. (By the way, there was pizza for dinner. The cupcakes were dessert, although I probably wouldn’t have argued with the reverse.)

Ever have one of those awesomely important life moments to which you forget to bring your camera?

Yea, that.

We brought pink and blue plates and both “It’s a boy!” and “It’s a girl!” stickers. I made each family member pick a plate for dinner and sticker to wear based on what they thought the baby was. Then, after Dan and I teased our way through dinner, the time finally came for my family to bite into the cupcakes. We counted to three and there were squeals of excitement and someone announced “IT’S A BOY!!”. It was just so darn fun! I totally recommend something along these lines as a way to reveal a baby gender.

Just, remember to bring your camera.

::hangs head::

34 Responses to “the gender reveal”

  1. themanager

    i’ve heard of the cupcake/cake thing before but the addition of the plates is a great idea! now, will *I* ever have a chance to do this, I just don’t know.

    I’m still so excited that you are having another boy! you two make cute bebehs!

  2. kim

    How cute — so original! I think we just yelled, “it’s a girl!” when we found out about our middle one. The other two we waited on. Now I want to have another baby JUST so I can come up with some really cute and original idea to tell everyone!

  3. Sarah-Anne

    it’s a daily thing for me: i want to wait and not find out the gender until they’re born, but i’d also LOVE to throw a party like you did, complete with some sort of filled cake/cupcakes. i even saw a gender reveal party that the parents didn’t know until everyone else did. i forgot who it was, but that’s a thought as well!
    i can’t wait to see your little boy 2.0!

  4. Annie

    Great Idea! Thank you for sharing it! I’m thinking it could be a great way to reveal a pregnancy as well – have some blue and some pink. Fun! Thanks!

  5. Vanessa

    Great idea! I love this!
    Yes, apparently people love to complicate what can (and should) be a simple idea of filling cupcakes.
    Sad you forgot your camera. :(

  6. Karey

    I LOVE that idea! We’ve done different things with each of our babies (3) – but the next baby will be adopted, so probably won’t be a huge surprise with the gender like before… you got me thinking though! ;)

  7. molly

    So cute. Great minds think alike! We did a version of this last December. I had pink or blue icing waiting and we filled a pre-made mini-cake with the icing of the the gender.

    Then we had my 15-month-old tear into it and recorded it on video. Then I posted it on my blog and on Facebook and that’s how everyone found out! It was so fun to do it that way. I like being creative :)


    I’m still so excited that you’re having another boy. You should look at my Christmas photos. Two boys is SO much fun. I’m still astounded at how wonderful it all is.

  8. shelley

    The most fun reveal idea I’ve ever heard of! Adorable.

    We’re one of the few wait-to-find-out-ers left. But I still appreciate other people’s big reveal moments!

  9. Ashley @ According to Ashley

    Oh! I almost forgot about another great idea I heard about — Sometimes, people have the doctor write “pink” or “blue” on a little folded slip of paper. The parents then take the secret paper to a baker and have them make an appropriate cake with pink or blue icing inside. Then, everyone at the party (including the parents) finds out the gender at the same time!! Isn’t that adorable?

  10. Elaine

    I’m sorry but I think you forgot to post the recipe for those organic cupcakes – ha!

    WONDERFUL idea and so fun!!! :)

  11. Sara

    I jsut discovered this blog, and I looove it! I agree that that is SUCH a fun idea for revealing the gender!!! I used the same cupcake stuffing technique this summer, when I decided to fill chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter-cream cheese frosting. No need to be all complicated about it, just squeeze and pull up, and voila! Stuffed cupcake. I made a dark chocolate ganache to swirl onto the top of the cupcakes to obscure the hole where the filling went in. They were yuummmmeeee. Congratulations on Gummy Bear : )


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