a letter to you, OBaby, on your half-birthday

January 16, 201 1

Dear OBaby,

We celebrated your one and a half birthday yesterday.


{We sang ‘Happy half birthday” to you. You were not a fan.}

Every single month with you has been special, OBaby, but these last 6 months have been particularly amazing for your daddy and I to watch. You have gone from signing 2 words, to signing 5 words, to saying many of those words as you sign them. Your very favorite word is still “H i !” and you will say it to anyone and everyone. You have been known to say it repeatedly in the grocery store until the other person in the baking aisle says it back to you.

You can be stubborn like that. Ahem.

These last couple of months it has become incredibly clear that you love and adore Daddy. I am very much out of fashion these days, but I am more than ok with that because it means I get to watch you as you look up to and mimic Daddy. It warms my heart more than you could know. You got a tool set for Christmas that works just like the tools you see Daddy use and they were you instant favorite. You bring them upstairs with you when you go watch Daddy work on the house and you understand how to use them. In no time flat I am certain you will be Daddy’s right hand man on house projects.

IMG_5257.jpg IMG_5255.jpg

Speaking of Christmas, Buddy, you were an absolute joy. You loved playing with and being oogled over by all of our extended family at the Christmas Eve dinner, and with the exception of when “Santa Clause” arrived, you had a smile on your face the entire evening (even well past your bedtime). Christmas morning was perfect. You were cuddly and excited, and you loved having your Nana, Papa, aunts and uncle over to celebrate. I think they loved seeing you on Christmas, too.

We got you three gifts for Christmas, just like the three wise men brought Jesus three gifts on his birthday. I think this is something we will continue to do, and hopefully the smaller-than-usual size of our “stuff giving” will help you see the value of true giving in Christ’s name.


It’s a time of big changes around here, and you have rolled with every single one of them so far. You are happily sleeping in (and O SO PROUD of) your big boy bed. Daddy and I were absolutely blown away by how quickly and happily you adjusted to the transition. You got the idea, you liked the idea, you acted on the idea. We are so proud of you, Buddy.

We’ve also had a busier schedule lately with work going on on our house and family functions that last later than you’re used to being out. You go with the flow on all of it. Sure, there are tantrums and moments of exhausted frustration, but far more often than not you are up for whatever your crazy parents bring your way (as long as it involves people and excitement).

Yes, people and flirting with them is still one of your first loves.


You have also begun to enjoy music and dancing in these last couple of months. In the morning you will wake up, walk straight over to the sound system, and sign please. We listen to various Pandora radio stations pretty much all day long, taking the occasional chance to have a dance party when a favorite song comes on. You love your music, Buddy, and I love watching you love your music.

I mean really, I just love watching you. Watching you learn, watching you grow, watching you enjoy, watching you try new things, watching you watch your daddy.


You, your boundless energy, and your endless enjoyment of life have helped me be a better person. Thank you so much for showing me what a joy life is everyday. I love you.

To the moon and back,


PS: I’m sorry about the purple cupcake. Apparently grocery stores think that customers only want Valentine baked goods for an entire month before Valentine’s Day. It was that or pink.

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