a little {heart shaped} pick-me-up

Because I needed some change, and it’s cheaper to decorate my mantle for Valentine’s Day than it is to fly somewhere warm:


Supplies from left to right:

– Pillar Candles – on hand, mostly from Walmart

– Wall Words of 1 Cor 16:14 – made on my cricut cutter with red vinyl on hand

– Wooden Distressed Frame – on hand, bought at a craft sale for $15 at Christmas time

– Foam Glitter Hearts – Jo-Ann’s $2 (came in pack of 12), punched holes in them with scrapbooking punch

– Pink & Red Ribbon – on hand, {mostly from Jo-Ann’s from past projects, about $2 a spool} (used tape to attach ribbon to back of frame, knots and tape to attach hearts)

– Three Glass Hurricanes – on hand, bought at Costco last winter for $25

– Organza Ribbon in Hurricanes – left over from our wedding (pre-cut to 8in lengths) I just fluffed up the pieces and stuffed them in the hurricanes

Total up-front cost: $2

Money saved by not taking a family trip to Disney World: approx. $998

(But this doesn’t mean that I won’t still regularly search for cheap f1ight prices to 0rlando. A girl can dream.)

{By the way, have you checked out O My Everyday lately?}

21 Responses to “a little {heart shaped} pick-me-up”

  1. Moriah

    so cute! i am an idiot for painting my walls dark moss green. if i decorated for v-day it would just remind me of christmas all over again. ick.

    • AllisonO

      Yea, the frame is green, but there’s enough pink in there (read: mostly pink) that it more reminds me of our pink and green wedding than of Christmas. (Our walls are green too, but a very tan, neutral green.)

  2. Joy

    Hey Allison,

    Probably don’t remember me but I was your year at Wheaton & took several education classes with you. Love to read your thoughts & see your precious family :)

    Have you ever done a how to post on making wall words? Yours always look great & I would love to know how.

  3. Weezie

    Hey… Hey, AllisonO? Can I talk to you?

    I’m entirely certain this is inappropriate, especially given the subject matter of this post (not that decor is an unemotional topic, just that you have a whole bunch of posts where thsi would be more appropos), but I’d really like to chat.

    So, I’ve been following O My Family for a really long time. I started reading in March ’08 (when I was a wee little college sophomore, d’awww). And I’ve NEVER COMMENTED, mostly because I think you’re insanely cool and funny and sweet, but nothing I had to say ever seemed relevant, since I’m at a totally different place in my life.

    See, I just graduated (in May) from a liberal women’s college. I’m 22, I live in a big New England city (with my partner… Yep. I’m gay), I work my butt off at a job that is essentially useless, and I’m flailing around in my faith (brought up Congregationalist, debating Quakerism). And everything you do and say has always seemed so well thought-out and deliberate, and you and DanO (despite being notthatmucholder than me) have had everything worked out for so long… It’s getting hard for me to read this blog, because I’m genuinely concerned that, if we met, you wouldn’t like me very much.

    So, can we maybe be friends?

      • Weezie

        Ugh, you’re so cool. Thank you for commenting on my weetinybabyblog :) Since I don’t have a DanO and pretty much have no idea what I’m doing, I wasn’t able to reply to your comment, but I did post a response. Thank you SO much for taking the time to give me a little boost. :)

  4. Meg

    I love this! Looks super cute…
    I always get sad after I take down the Christmas decor – but maybe if I had some Valentine’s Day stuff I might be a little happier.

    Also, I am dying to go to Disney…so if you happen to find cheap flights…the hubs and I might sneak into your suitcases…(or at least be totally jealous from a far)…

  5. Erin

    Looks nice- we look for disney deals a lot too… especially in the winter- it is really cheap to go around easter- look at southwest…

  6. Sarah-Anne

    confession: my valentine is approx. 7 months old. love my big blue eyed boy i baby-sit for!
    {another} confession: you’re awesome. and crafty, but mostly awesome. great decor ideas!

  7. Kerri

    I <3 this so much! Question though. What size is that frame? I want to re-create it, but I can't seem to find the right size frame. Also, that idea could be used for every other holiday as well. Shamrocks for St. Patty's Day. Bunnies, eggs, & crosses for Easter. You get the idea. : )


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