and of course, ‘that’s icky’

We keep our feet on the ground.

Let’s be gentle with that, please.

We need to share, and it’s ______’s turn right now.

That’s not for OBaby.

Can you show me your indoor voice?

Let’s leave that there, please.

Ouch! That hurts Mommy!

Make good choices.

Show me how you do that gently.

Can you find something better to play with?

We don’t touch that.

If you _____, you are going to need to have a time-out.

Nuh-uh, not for us.

Let’s keep the water in the bathtub.

No thank you to that. (usually whining or fitting)

That’s not how we treat our friends/toys/mommy/cups/doors/books/furniture/floor/shoes/walls/dog.

That stays on the ground.

If you are all done, you need to tell me (instead of throwing your food on the ground).

Let’s leave that where it belongs.

We stay in the bathroom when we brush our teeth.

This is Mommy’s.

On your bottom, please.

Can you set that down nicely? Banging hurts Mommy’s ears.

Nope, we don’t need to touch that right now.

Not for little fingers/hands/mouths.

Our plate stays on our tray.

O, that’s not safe.

I will wait until you ask nicely.

We’re going to eat lunch/dinner very soon and if you still want that after, then we can have some.

Let’s keep our hands to ourselves, please.

We can drink that in the kitchen.

>>And lastly, but used with surprising frequency:

We don’t let doggies kiss inside our mouths.

28 Responses to “and of course, ‘that’s icky’”

  1. LCW

    Were you peaking in our windows this week??? Also, let’s not forget, “we don’t share our snack with the dogs”.

  2. Katie

    Seriously I believe I have said the exact same things today, like the whole list. My daughter is a couple months younger than OBaby, but no less toddler :)

  3. themanager

    let’s not forget the ever popular ‘we don’t go potty on the floor & then splash in it!’ said all too often around here lately.

  4. annemarie

    Ours is “you don’t need to love the kitties with your whole body and smother them until they wig out and scratch you half to death.”

    Love your list!

  5. rachel

    just wait until you have 2 little boys and find yourself saying the most rediculous things like after bathtime “dont put your penis on your brother.” yes i have actually had to say that. boys. :)

  6. Acia

    In the last few days, the following has come out of my mouth more often than I’d like to admit:

    “Pee pee goes in the potty.”
    “We don’t put our hands in the potty.”
    “We don’t pee on the floor.”
    “We don’t pee on mommy.”
    “Please, oh please, stop peeing on mommy.”

  7. Lisa H.

    Seriously! Why all the throwing of the food??!!? Jack knows how to sign that he’s finished, why throw the food!?!?!? AHHHHHH!!!! ;-)

  8. Amanda

    Ha! I love this. My son has started saying “that’s not very nice” because I say it to him with such frequency! I also say a lot of “let’s use nice words/hands, please”. I can tell you’re such a sweet and gentle mama from the words you use! :)

  9. katie

    no, the cat does not want your banana.

    can we please not chew on that puzzle piece?

    how about rolling the ball?

    diapers stay on when it’s not bath time.

    and now that? has become an outside toy.

  10. Ashley @ According to Ashley

    Haha! Many of these are things I find myself saying to my 23 kindergarten students on a daily basis. I don’t have kids of my own, yet, but I wonder what it will be like to say these things all day at work and then come home to say them even more to my own child before bedtime? Sigh. Sounds exhausting to me!

  11. Suzanne

    Just wait for baby #2.

    No we don’t put blocks on the baby.
    Please don’t kick your sister.
    Stop putting pillows on her face please.
    No you can’t sit on the baby while she’s nursing.

  12. sarah

    Soo true!! Just press repeat on the mommy button! Adding from my house
    “If you splash like that all of the water leaks into the cedar closet”
    “No we can’t watch Bubble Guppies AGAIN”
    “Please stop doing flips on your bed.”
    “The couch is not for backbends”
    “If you pee on the floor in front of the toilet can you just let me know? Thanks Buddy”

  13. Kaycee

    Oh I LOVE this post!!! I actually texted one of my friends the other day with the starter of “Something I never thought I would say as a Mom” followed directly by the quote “No the octopus did NOT say you could and the octopus is NOT in charge!”. :)

  14. Elaine

    A couple of these might be in reference to what I’m about to say but they one I say A LOT lately to the three year old is “Please get your hands out of your pants.” If you’re not already saying it, you will be soon. I mean, two boys and all… ;-P

    Also, gonna tweet this post. :)

    • Alison

      I have a 3 year old boy & I say the exact same thing to him 9,842 times a day. So very glad we are not alone in this one! And to make matters worse, I just saw my 2 year old son doing the same thing the other day. Nooooooo!!!!!


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