at long last, the bump

My sweet friend Johanna pointed out to me recently that despite the fact that O My Family was named Best Pregnancy Blog by thebump.com, there has been a decided lack of pregnancy bump pictures around here.

It’s shameful, and it’s true.

(But not as shameful as how infrequently I have been to my pre-natal appointments this time around. Seriously, people with 2 kids or more who make it to any doctors appointments for themselves flat amaze me. But I digress.)

And so, friends, thanks to Johanna and her photography prowess, I would like you to meet the GummyBump:


What? You didn’t think I’d take maternity pictures without OBaby on hand, did you?

(And he was very, very much on hand.)


Johanna’s sweet newborn boy was on hand, too, all snuggled up to her in a Moby wrap while she snapped pictures.

I don’t know if OBaby was more curious about the fancy camera equipment or the miniature human that kept making miniature cooing sounds.


Also, you know how you can teach your toddler 100 times how to “kiss the baby” and other adorable toddler tricks, but once you’re in front of your friend’s camera and her mad camera skillz, the toddler goes all timid on you?


Yea, there was a lot of that.

(But of course at home that afternoon he kissed the baby bump, O, 248 times. Typical.)

Not to complain, though, because I’ll take OBaby’s sweet toddler kisses whenever and wherever he will dole them out.


This sweet little one is cooking along just fine. I am 25 weeks now, and can I just say that the fact that there are only 15 or so weeks remaining is a wee bit frightening to me? (Did someone say something about an upstairs that still doesn’t have sheet rock on the walls?)


Look, you guys! I am actually pregnant! And now there’s photographic proof of it and everything!



Johanna Price, my friend and photographer for these pictures, did such a fabulous job with OBaby and me. I wanted to let you know that she is booking now for photo sessions in March and onward (because she took a little break to love on her sweet baby boy). You can see her photography website here and her bliggity blog here (and her pretty button on my sidebar over there).

37 Responses to “at long last, the bump”

  1. themanager

    you look beautiful Allison! Johanna took wonderful pictures but you are glowing mama! and OBaby, he’s just rocking that camera lens like nobody’s business!

  2. Sarah

    Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! I think I like the picture of OBaby kissing you and last picture the best. I can’t wait to see the baby who’s hanging out inside your tummy! :)

  3. Lynzie

    Your babe is adorable. But I have to ask- did you cut his hair? how did it go? Did you cry? Did he cry? I would have.

  4. CJ

    I hope this doesnt offend, but the first picture cracked me up :) He looks like a little man sitting there…such gorgeous pictures!!!

  5. Suzanne

    You and your bump and your O Baby are ADORABLE beyond words. I die of jealousy that you look gorgeous in that mustard yellow color. It makes me looks like I’m dying of consumption.

  6. Angie S.

    LOL – I’m not a loyal follower of your blog, but pop in every once in a while. I really enjoyed this post b/c Johanna did my pics too! We did a Seed to Sprout package and finished up this Oct when my babe turned 1. She does fantastic work!

  7. alexandra

    You look positively radiant and beautiful! And the little blonde peanut makes it cuter :) But how can the first pictures of the new addition not be taken with big brother? :)


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