big boy bed advice summarized

This infograph based on the comments left on this post as of late Tuesday night (well past my bedtime).

You guys? Are awesome.

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  1. molly

    Hahaha, that is HILARIOUS! I didn’t get to comment on the other one. But I will say that we have two boys 21-months apart. I did not do the transition until AFTER little brother was born. I just thought adding a whole new person would be enough commotion for my little man for awhile.

    Then when he turned 2 we went ahead and transitioned him to a toddler bed and it went GREAT. He fell out of the bed once and I found him sleeping on the floor (poor guy). But other than that he is so proud that he gets to sleep in a big boy bed!

    Also, my boys have to share a room. We only have two bedrooms. Our new baby boy slept next to me for the first 6 months. This was due to breastfeeding and also because our new baby was sick a lot due to severe ear infections.

    I will say that some nights the sharing a room thing works out fine. Other times, not so much. Our new baby sometimes wakes up in the night and screams/coughs/cries. This sometimes wakes up our toddler and then our toddler is sleepy and cranky the next morning from being woken up all night. Not trying to scare you. Just being completely honest.

    Actually, we are putting our house on the market because we need more space and I want the boys to be able to have their own rooms. I know it’s not necessary but for us, it kind of is. With baby #2 not being a consistent sleeper and having reactive airway disease, hence the coughing, it’s just not working out that great.

    But good luck to you on all the transitions. Your little man has a lot of changes coming up. My motto was, no reason to rush into anything!

  2. Michelle

    We moved all our kids to big boy/girl beds by the time they were around 1 1/2 yo. They did have a period of adjustment when they cried… probably b/c the bed just didn’t’ feel as secure but it passed quickly. (within a couple days). Just reassure him if that happens. Hype it up AND definitely take the crib down while you transition so you don’t have the crib as something to fall back on.. this will also help him know he is moving into being a big boy. Definitely do it before the new baby comes and in his current room so that not everything is changed all at once for him. Good luck! We used a smaller toddler bed but some pediatricians recommend not wasting the money and just go straight to a twin with bed rails. We happened to have found a toddler bed with crib sized mattress cheap at a yard sale.

  3. Marlea

    i’m following all this and trying to take in some advice (albeit exceedingly confusing!)
    Confusing all except for your amazing summary! so creative!!! is this another example of Dan’s artsy-ness on the computer?:)
    PS- would love to see you today if you don’t already have plans:)

  4. Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife

    This is too funny!

    The hubs and I were having this exact discussion last night. Dmitri (18 months) sleeps in our bed, and we are expecting # 2 in March…I don’t know WHAT we are going to do!!! Can’t wait to see what you decide. I need all the insight I can get.

    I think right now, I’m kind of leaning towards using a co-sleeper with the new baby and not trying to move Dmitri. OR, putting a toddler bed on the floor in our room and trying to move Dmitri to that. I don’t know though…I just don’t know!

  5. Mo

    very impressed with this breakdown. good job!! such a great summary of all the tips. Im so book marking this for future reference!

  6. Sidnie

    Love that.

    And yes, to all of it.
    Sounds pretty spot on to what we did.

    And a gate? Is a must in this house.
    The almost 4 yr old has.to.have. a gate on his door at night.

  7. Annie

    I like the looks of the graph and I like seeing what all of your commentors said in summary – Nice!!

  8. SarahG

    Love the graph. My husband and I are goig through a similar discussion. My daughter has just turned 2 and is still in her crib (has never tried to climb out). We don’t have a third on the horizon (yet) but hubby wants her in a big girl bed. Well, at least a toddler bed. He is just eager for her to be a “big girl”. Our crib has the option to take off the side to make a toddler bed. I am just resistant because she is a sassy little thing that will be into everything in the middle of the night if she gets up and wanders……I also want her to be a baby longer…..
    Oh these parenting decisions never get easier, do they???

  9. Kaycee

    That chart? Is AWESOME! We are moving to a big girl bed sometime soon and I was trying to read through all the comments but I didn’t have time to get to them all. This? Much faster and super cool. :)

  10. Sarah S

    Hahaha! I love the calming down comments. I wish someone had told me that A LOT during the first few years of my sons life. That chart is awesome. : )

      • Jami

        I found calming down to come with the territory once I had my second. It’s like you have to so you can survive. :) It’s not that you don’t care with #2; it’s just that you’ve been there & done that. Much easier the second go around. Did all the advice help?

      • Jami

        Oh, and I forgot to say I was cracking up at my computer screen when I saw this. Love your sense of humor!

  11. Lauren N

    Soooo…. I love this and would be remiss in my business duties/web presence if I didn’t ask you if you found some spiffy website to make that cutesy poo graph or if it’s all your own creative magic….. please feel free to email me if it’s a trade secret! ;)

    • AllisonO

      Ha! I wish there were some fancy easy formula or trade secret… well, unless my husband and I plus a couple hours of work and research are trade secrets. :) In which case, sh! Don’t tell!

  12. Michelle

    Love the graph, I find it so interesting how many people have kids less than 2 years apart! We talk about when to have baby #2 and I go back and forth all the time with how much spacing i want so I’m excited to read your blog when Gummybear comes and see how you handle it :)

  13. Karey

    That’s awesome. :) In the end though, you just have to do what all of us have done and simply go with your gut (after praying, crying, feeling super anxious and consulting e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. you know of course – personal experience talking here).

    Our first two are 19 months apart and we just ended up getting another crib (hand me down) even though the cribs didn’t even remotely match (style or color – oh, the physical pain I went through with that one!). They shared a room after about 10 weeks of baby in cradle next to our bed and eventually we transitioned our daughter to a twin bed when she was almost 3. They are now 8 and almost 7 and don’t seem to be too terribly effected by our rookie parenting skills back in the day. ;)

    ps. I love that your Dad offered to take one off your hands! My parents *still* complain that they don’t have joint custody of our kids. At least they are well loved, eh? :)

  14. Steph

    I love the graph!! So cute, but you know what I really love that I hadn’t noticed before, I LOVE that the inserted word (in red) in your blog header changes when you go to a different page. I just spent the last couple of minutes clicking around your blog just to see how many different phrases it changes to! Then I realized that I might be messing up your numbers and stopped :)

  15. Melissa

    I love the graph with pictures…so cute! I am a few days late to give my 2 cents, but here it is. We have twin girls who are 3.5 and moved them to big girl beds when they were 2.5…the first few months were great! And then they started getting out of their beds, which we are still dealing with, but that is another story.

    I did use a child safety lock on the inside of their door so they would not open it and come out…felt a little bad, but then a ton of other moms told me the same thing, so I felt better about it. After a few months they figure out how to get it off…but then again there are 2 of them to figure out, which always makes it better.

    I would say put him in a big boy bed before #2…there will be a lot of change for him once #2 comes along. And our girls share a room right now and they are a minute apart!

  16. jake

    Bed time stories are so much harder with a fence around the crib! put ‘em in the big boy bed!

    Also, about bed time stories – if you are traveling away from your kids like I do for work… try readeo.com
    its video-conferencing around a children’s eBook visible on both screens. its great.


  17. Christan/MamaBearPing

    Just love the graph. A little late to the game, BUT . . .

    I did children less than two years apart, twice.

    My oldest and middle are 23 months apart. My middle and youngest are 20 months apart. There are 43 months between all three. It’s a crazy, dramatic zoo at my house (they’re all girls).

    I only owned one crib. One. And someone gave it to me. So even though I owned one crib, I never purchased one. Hmmmm . . .

    I moved all my kids out of the crib at 18 months to a big girl bed (more out of necessity than desire) because I wanted them in the new bed before baby sister came along. My youngest got ousted out of the crib at 18 months because we moved cross country and I was not carting that crib with me. OH and a friend of mine needed it so I gave it to her. Of course, then she (my youngest) ended up sleeping in a pack-in-play in a hotel room for two months before we were able to move into our new house. Soooooo . . . I guess you can say it was more like 20 months for her.

    We did do the mattress on the floor for my oldest. The others had rails.

    My youngest, who is two now (26 months), is sleeping happily on the twin-sized bottom bunk of our set of bunk beds. She’s doing fine, even if she gets out of bed more than she should. AND it wouldn’t matter if I had her in the crib; she’s a monkey and climbs in to/out of/over/on top of anything and everything she can find.

    So good luck with the bed. And the transitioning.

  18. JessicaT

    Hey Allison, I’m sure you don’t remember me but I’m an Oregon friend from RHCC & TuHS. I have been following your blog for a while now and love it. This post reminded me of a site I frequent as a graphic designer.
    I thought you and your other friends/readers might enjoy like I have! Gotta love infographics!


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