dude. 600th post.

To commemorate this occasion (that I didn’t even realize was an occasion until I opened this browser to write), I share with you:

The sheer genius of my child, reading some Eric Carle to himself at 18 months old.

Notice how he associates the words with the pages being open? How he speaks, pauses to turn the page, then speaks again? How he points to the images on the pages? How he (mostly) turns the pages in the correct direction?

Those are emerging early literacy skills.

My little early-childhood teacher’s heart could.not.possibly. be more proud.

Next up? Shakespeare.

16 Responses to “dude. 600th post.”

  1. Sidnie

    Oh my gosh, he’s adorable!
    Has he been baking you cookies too? In the living room? OBaby is a genius! :)
    Keep on reading to him. Reminds me, I’ve been slacking on the reading to my boys… Gotta get back in the habit.

  2. Karey

    That? ADORABLE! Our kids are 8, 6, and 3 and every night they STILL get stoked to each get to pick out a book (or a chapter out of a chapter book) for me or my husband to read out loud to them before bed. Reading really is a love that starts early!

    I also love that you have cake pans on your living room floor, looks so familiar!

  3. Toni

    Adorable!! It’s amazing to watch them comprehend books at such a young age. My son has started memorizing his favorites – repeating a word on each page before I say it. Makes me so proud. Because obviously, I think he’s a genius. :)

  4. Heather

    How cute! My girls are in their highchairs eating dinner while I’m watching this video and as soon as they heard OBaby “reading” they started jabbering right back at him! They are 18 months old so must totally understand all he’s saying! It was so cute! And he is adorable in this video…I too love the emerging literacy skills he’s showing off as a 1st grade teacher myself!

  5. Jess

    i loooove this! You should so send this to dr. morrison to use for lessons on print recognition hahah….

  6. Emily H.

    After having a discussion with a co-worker about why I think it’s nuts that her kids read books on iTouches, I am SO freaking happy to see this video! A toddler turning the pages of a real life book! Love, love, love!

  7. Rachel Sue

    Have you ever read Red Hat, Blue Hat? It’s Sandra Boynton and my son’s favorite book because he can “read it.” I LOVE that he does it. Those are some of the best mommy moments, aren’t they?

  8. LCW

    That’s so adorable, Ryann LOVES books and my teacher heart bursts when she says certain words in her favorite books. And page turning has been her thing for months. Sometimes, that’s the best part! So happy to see OBaby loves reading too!

  9. katie

    I LOVE this! E likes to babble “words” (aka gibberish) when he “reads” books too. plus he has favorite things to point out like cows and moons.

    I big puffy heart love seeing happy reading babies!


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