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in which they say it better than I can

I have blogged everyday this week, sometimes even twice a day (huzzah!), you have given me a blissful information overload, every single O My Everyday picture has been posted on time, I showed you my dirty laundry, and my toddler made your toddler look like an angel. Really, this week couldn’t get any better around… Read more »


we’re laughing with, not at him

We’ve been practicing a new word around here in preparation for May, but every.single.time. I try to catch it on film OBaby plays dumb. This time I  got about half of the word at the beginning of recording, and then at one point a little later I’m pretty sure he said it while burying his… Read more »


winter morning

I thought I had kicked the exhaustion part of early pregnancy, but it’s back. (22 weeks is still early pregnancy, yes?) (Denial.) Actually, I’m not sure I can really blame it on gestation. I think it might be the weather. We’ve reached the post-Christmas winter slump where I start dreaming of trips to Disney World… Read more »