we’re laughing with, not at him

We’ve been practicing a new word around here in preparation for May, but every.single.time. I try to catch it on film OBaby plays dumb. This time I  got about half of the word at the beginning of recording, and then at one point a little later I’m pretty sure he said it while burying his head into the chair…

But in the end, I captured something so incredibly typical of toddlerhood that I just had to share.

You kind of had to giggle, right? I mean, not giggle at OBaby, because really he didn’t come up with the idea of throwing one’s self on the ground in despair, just giggle at toddlerhood and it’s idiosyncrasies in general. It is such a unique and crazy stage, and we are so up to our eyebrows in it around here. The banging, the boundary testing, the squealing with excitement. It’s loud these days.

Plus, I’m still learning how to best help him through times like this one. If he’s not too disturbed I usually just try to distract or remind him of the right choice and help him make it (like I did here). Sometimes I have to walk out of the room because it is the only thing that will lessen the hysterics. Sometimes if his poor little heart has truly been broken, I console him and tell him that I know it’s hard when we can’t have XYZ.

Really, I have no idea what I’m doing. I do know, though, that I’m enjoying the (loud, crazy) ride!

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  1. Our Love Captured

    OK I so wish I had a camera right now. when you said “say bye-bye” at the end of your video my 11 month old daughter started waving bye-bye and saying “bye” herself. It’s so fun what they can do once they learn it.

    But in regards to your video…I am soooo glad I’m not the only one who deals with silly tantrums. Some times I do giggle. Is that bad?

  2. annemarie

    I love this. It’s like the boy version of what goes on around here! I HATE EVERYTHING I HATE YOU I HATE MY LIFE ok I’m done.

    • AllisonO


      Bahaha. Yes. That.

  3. Sarah-Anne

    i didn’t just giggle, i full blown LOL’d. sorry, Obaby, but you are too cute not to laugh at! :)
    i laugh at the kiddos i watch all the time when they throw fits. it’s so hard not to, isn’t it allison?

  4. emily bilbrey

    this is an absolutely perfect representation of what happens when you try to film a toddler doing a cute new trick. it’s like a cosmic joke, and ALL the toddlers are in on it. seriously! normally it’s either the blank stare or the tantrum, but LUCKY MAMA you got BOTH! heehee! little obaby is seriously so cute, even when he’s fussy. love that kid. he’s growing up fast! and doing all the things he should be, hissy fits & all. ;D xoxo!

  5. Kaitlin Cole

    CUTE! My boy just hit 19 months and the “terrific two’s” are in full swing here in Seattle! So much fun to see another boy and reminding myself “my boy is normal, my boy is normal….” SO CUTE!

  6. McKt

    Hilarious and so true. My 18 month old watched the video so intently and then demanded a second viewing. He shook his finger and his head and said, no, no, no the whole time. All this from the expert in the field of fit pitching! Ha! This kids, they are all such a mess.

  7. Nish

    Yep. That. ALL OF IT in my house, too. I laughed SO HARD when he threw himself on the floor!! Rowan does that on the daily.

    I must say, you are a GOOD mommy. Rowan takes to the couch and chairs. And I kinda let him go bonkers on them & let him fling himself off. I should probably work on that…

    • AllisonO

      O, OBaby has fallen off the couch on more than one occasion. Just yesterday, actually, when he was pulling on our dog’s hair and she finally yelped, he was so startled that he flinched, lost his balance, and did a face plant on the rug. (Speaking of awesome mothering…)

      Natural consequences (that won’t land us in the emergency room) score highly in my book, but if he’s doing it right in front of my face and I know he knows better, I usually pick the battle. As evidenced, it’s not always pretty or painless, but it’s usually quick.

  8. jen @ a little barefoot blog

    I am dying right now. I have a video EXACTLY like this. my son does the *Cutest* imitation of a meerkat (don’t ask) and so one day I thought wouldn’t it be great to get it on camera? so I started recording him and saying, “Gus! can you do a meerkat?? what does a meerkat do?” and so on. He. Melted. Down. full-on. so afterwards I show it back to him. He hears my narration, and what does he do?

    Why his meerkat impression of course.


    incidentally: the meltdown ensued because he wanted to look at pictures of the “baby” on my camera (which I was using to film him – and the baby he wanted to see was, in fact, him). so he kept saying “baby! baby!” over and over while I was filming… perhaps we could voice-over?

  9. Jenny Swan

    Pretty sure you’re the sweetest mommy EVAH. :) And he’s pretty cute. I like his hair cut. :)

    Oh toddlerhood, it’s just such a love hate relationship isn’t it? Today I had Annabelle my 3 mo old screaming all day, and my little Gray (18 mos) was so super confused he copied her. All. Day. It was the epitome of awesome. :) But then they say things like “baby”, or call their sister Annabanana, and Mommy melts. :) I love it way more than I hate it. :)

  10. Cole

    Oh. My. Gosh. The cheeks! The footie jammies! The uh-oh!

    So Darn Cute.

    I melt down like that all. the. time. Mommy is always doing something wrong, or too slowly…

  11. Brandy @Brandy's Brood

    Oh boy yes. At least a few times a week I see some version of this. Except with high pitched girl screams that I’m convinced the neighbors can hear. We’re a house full of girls here (2 daughters, me, even 2 cats — just Daddy and the dog are boys) and DRAMA is almost our middle name.

    I’m mean Momma, though. I just sit there and wait until she’s done — making sure she’s not gonna fling herself off the couch or anything, of course! When she’s done, we can continue our conversation or play or cuddles or whatever. It’s better that way, though … cuz if Momma speaks when she’s like that? It makes it WORSE … and OH.MY.HEAD the screaming lol

  12. Lisa H.

    This makes me so happy seeing this, b/c my J is 19 months and we really have issues not with rolling around, but with screaming like he hates the whole world. And if i’m being honest my own is the first toddler that i’ve ever really been around much (I had absolutely no kid experience before having one!) and so it helps to know that this is normal for a toddler :-) he’s so cute :-)

  13. Tiffany @ MomNom

    Oh darlin’, he and Bubbette are perfect for each other. Except her most recent tantrum inducer? The freakin’ tooth brush. EVERY. DAY.

    Kid, better become a dentist, or I’m gonna be pissed.

  14. SarahfromTN

    I wish it were socially acceptable for adults to have tantrums. I have definitely had days where I wanted to throw myself on the floor. However, I know that would only encourage my toddler. :-)

  15. Julie

    Brayden is starting to do some of those things as well. I like your approach, and I need to try something other than starting to freak out.


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