life can be O so hard

It’s old photos time around here, I guess. I’m making OBaby’s 6 months – 1 year photo book so I’ve been going through the eleventy bajillion pictures we took of him last year. This one from the ‘8 months old’ folder made me gigglesnort. In a loving way, of course.


O, buddy. There are much worse things in life than being fed cream of wheat cereal.

11 Responses to “life can be O so hard”

  1. Kaitlin Cole

    I Was just watching the video of my babe when we first gave him rice cereal. I loved watching that baby eat because he would always make the same “Why are you trying to poison me?” face. Time goes by way too fast!

  2. katie

    Eddie never did this. And his hugely round belly shows it. however he DID love to style his hair with it. Not so good times.

    Also? We have those same dishes. good times.


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