February 2011 Archives


the Word

It seems like every single day DanO and I have a moment where we realize ‘Whoa. OBaby understands that.’ A word we use here and there in conversation, the way he wipes everything when we hand him a paper towel, that groceries go in the kitchen when we get home from the store, how he… Read more »


motherhood invades all (even my phone)

This week I found myself scrolling through all of the pictures I have taken on my phone since getting it in June of last year. Wheeeew boy there are some gems in there. Mostly, though, I was struck by just how motherhood-y my life has become, and I don’t mean because every other (OK, EVERY)… Read more »


birth choices of the ‘off-the-deep-end’ variety

I’m telling you, one day I woke up and BOOM was in my third trimester with GummyBear. Suddenly it got real. Lots of stuff got real – the idea of parenting two, the physical strains of pregnancy, needing to finish the upstairs remodel – but mostly it became very real to me that I would… Read more »


second chances

The Wednesday before Christmas I was on the road to Costco needing a ham, champagne and patience. I skipped the driveway to the store and drove on toward a cafe, toward a treat for myself. I deserved it and they had a drive-up so OBaby would be none the wiser. Then, brake lights. A few… Read more »