two delicious ways to fail your glucose test

The glucose test. You know the one. It tests for gestational diabetes around 28 weeks, or, if you have a toddler and are horrible about being punctual with your prenatal appointments, closer to 30 weeks. You go in, having avoided sugary food that day to set a good baseline blood-sugar level, and then they give you this to chug:


My friend Erin called it “glu-cola” which is far more endearing a term than I used (orange crap?), but basically it is syrup with a wee bit of carbonation and a wee bit of orange ‘flavor’ (think thick, syrupy Hi-C) that is designed to overload your system with glucose. So fun, right?

You chug it, then you wait an hour, then you get poked with a needle and they test your blood sugar levels. Confession: I have absolutely zero problem with needles. Before my ‘breeding’ season of life I used to give blood a lot. I also used to get shots for my severe allergies in high school. Needles, schmeedles.

And my results were… I passed!

The funny thing is, I’m usually a salty snack kind of girl, but for the last 2 or 3 weeks, I have been a sweets girl, hands down. I mean, I have always had a special place in my heart for girl scout cookies, but I can also make disturbingly quick work of a bowl of popcorn. It was actually really hard for me to avoid sugary foods the morning before my test because I have been enjoying them so regularly lately. Did someone say Frosted Flakes?

Because of this new sweets territory I find myself in, I have explored some new ‘recipes’ for sweet treats recently. Just in case you find yourself in need of overloading your system with glucose, too, I thought I’d share them with you. You’re welcome.

Peach Crisp for One:

I was standing in the kitchen a few nights ago really, really craving Apple Pie. This was what I came up with using what I had on hand to satiate my craving. My measurements were, well. They weren’t measurements, so what you see below is me guessing how much I put in. Feel free to guess, yourself… it was so awesome that I kind of don’t think it can be screwed up, measurements or not.


  • 1 can sliced peaches, drained (or in my case, drunk… drank?)
  • 1/4 cup of brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup flower
  • 1/3 cup 1 minute oats
  • a sprinkling of cinnamon
  • a slightly smaller sprinkling of nutmeg
  • vanilla ice cream to taste

Put the peaches in a microwave safe bowl and layer the 5 dry ingredients over top of them. Cook in microwave for 4 minutes. Let cool for the duration of one segment (between commercials) of The Bachelor (results may vary). Place desired amount of ice cream in separate container. Spoon warm peach awesomeness over ice cream. Gobble down while watching the rose ceremony.


{The oats look strangely purple in this picture. Please ignore.}

ShamShake A La Oreos (alternatively titled ThinMint in a Cup):

It’s that time of year again. Sham.freakin.rock Shake time. The glorious several weeks when McDonald’s has a frighteningly green and scarily delicious mint milkshake on their menu called the Shamrock Shake.

You know the only thing in the world that could make a Shamrock Shake better?



  • A McDonald’s
  • Approx. $3.50

Enter McDonalds (or drive up to it, which ever) and order a Shamrock Shake. Ask server to add “a mix in of Oreos from the McFlurries”. S/he will probably look at you funny, then call over the manager to figure out how to price that (mine was added as “extra whipped cream” for $.10, but I’m guessing if I went back it would be more like $.50). They will ask if you want whipped cream. You should say ‘yes, and also a spoon, please’.

When they hand you the drink, you will have to remove the lid and eat down a little ways, ensuring to maintain a good Oreo-crumbles-to-shake ratio in each bite. Once there is sufficient space in the cup, use your spoon to stir in those crumbles and the whipped cream, making a freckled shake. Put the lid back on, stick in your straw, and enjoy.


There. Don’t tell me this blog never did nuthin’ for you, cuz those are probably the best foods I ever did make.

18 Responses to “two delicious ways to fail your glucose test”

  1. Sarah

    Yum to both! I had never thought of using canned peaches for a crisp. So glad that you passed your test, I have heard that gestational diabetes is the pits.

  2. kim

    What Steph said!! My brains were totally sucked out of my head by that whole ‘growing a baby’ thing, so there is no way I was ever, ever this crafty! ‘Course, I’m not pregnant now and I’ve yet to come up with something this creative on the fly. So . . . hmm. I *did* manage to attempt serving a raw turkey last weekend. How does that compare?

  3. Char

    Oh my gosh, do I EVER want an Oreo shamrock shake!!! I’ve had shamrock shakes in the past that taste kind of pineapple-y… don’t know why?

  4. Heather of the EO

    Oh my yum.

    And I’m so glad you passed.

    And that orange stuff makes me go all faint and barfy. It’s tons of fun. I get to do it in like a week or something. Can’t.wait.

  5. Lisa

    Wow, oreo shamrock shake? I will definitely be trying this tomorrow. I wonder if they will understand me if I go through the drive-thru? I never park at our McDonalds it’s just too hard to get out.

  6. Sarah-Anne

    dude, did i ever tell you about the time that it took 5 McD’s peeps to get me a free oatmeal? i didn’t? my bad.
    and…that’s how my mind works. you said McD’s, i thought about the service at McD’s. ;)
    glad to hear you passed your glucose test! what a big step. i can barely down a fruit drink, so we’ll see about the glucose test. cross that bridge when i get there {which is no time soon}

  7. Karie

    Can’t wait to try these! Just had my Wisdom Teeth pulled and am looking for soft comfort food. :-) This hits the spot!

  8. Nicole

    LOVED your sugary recipes attached to this post! ;) I remember that one…ick. I felt all shaky after taking it – probably a sign I never consume that much sugar in one sitting!

  9. brittney

    Ohhh, be glad you had the orange. Be oh.so.glad. And if I wasn’t lactose intolerant, I’d totally have my husband go on a quick trip to McDonald’s right now. Yum!

  10. Lisa

    So yeah…I definitely went to McDonald’s today and got the ‘funny look’ however, it was because they had never heard of a Shamrock Shake!!! I grew up in Western NY and we always had them, now I live in SC and the girl said she had never heard of one! Oh my goodness, this makes me want one even worse. :’-(

    • AllisonO

      Whaaaaaaaat? How can that even BE?! A McDonalds location that doesn’t have the Shamrock Shake!? My innocence. T’is gone.

  11. Annie

    Love that you drank the peach juice…and fessed up on your blog about it : )
    Because you KNOW there are many of us out there who have done the same thing!

  12. Toni Langdon

    OMG! Adding oreos? Thats the best idea ever!! Shamrock shakes have been my craving this pregnancy! Hope you offer diet tips in a few months! LOL!


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