yep, still hard

(Tell me you did NOT just think ‘TWSS’. Shame. And if you didn’t, well, now you did.)

We are seeing the emergence of really big, really intense, really hard to recover from toddler frustration. Just these last few weeks OBaby’s tantrums have started to be capital t Tantrums. Today it was taking his toothbrush away that tipped the first domino, and after that everything – diaper change, snack, washing our hands, lunch, not having Mommy’s chai – was a cue for the hysterics.

And so this afternoon, over an apparently unwanted bowl of rice and chicken and right before my eyes, OBaby did an exact re-enactment of yesterday’s photo. (I’m telling you, I think he sneaks the ipod into his room and reads Mommy’s blog at night.)


A few moments after this, Mommy swept him up, gave him his binkie, and nuggled (not a typo – we call it nuggling around here) him until he was good and asleep. Then I kept holding him sweet and warm-breathed for a little while longer. I needed to look at his face when it wasn’t upset. It was a rough morning.

And thankfully, he has been out ever since. Epic tantrums often go hand in hand with epic naps.

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  1. Tiffany

    Wow!!!! I’m sorry Allison, but I’m cracking up. Justine was my tantrum kid. I used to put her in her crib for a little isolation. It got to the point where she would just put herself in her room when she was getting out of control :)

  2. ann @ mylifeasprose

    we call it nuggling too.. except we don’t have kids. yes, you read that right… i’m *that* pathetic.

    also, i hope OToddler starts to settle into toddlerhood, poor little guy. [you know, so you can call the new one OBaby :) ]

  3. Saz

    We are right there with you. The tantrums become more epic by the day! And the whining…. someone save me from the whining…

  4. Holly

    Today, our tantrum was over me taking away my $600 cell phone before he could dunk it in the dog bowl.

    I soooooo get it.

  5. Savannah

    Seriously. Are we living the same life? My little Denali bug is just a little bit older than OBaby and I’m just a little bit more pregnant than you…. And the tantrums around here have been epic. It ended with Denali going down for a nap sans lunch. She’s still sleeping, but I’m not sure how long it will last with no food in her poor little tummy. We realized yesterday she has 4 (!!) teeth coming in. Boo, hiss! Seriously? When I’m only 24 days away from my due date? Ug! I hope things improve for both of us… and soon!

  6. kim

    We have so many pictures of temper tantrums. They are just about my favorite kinds. All 3 of my kids had a habit of following me around, mid tantrum, and throwing themselves at my feet. I was always trying to walk away from the tantrums and it never worked. So I have many, many pictures of the kids w/ their little faces planted between my feet, their feet kicking up a storm as they scream b/c I’ve committed some heinous crime — removed a sharp object from their reach, not allowed them to color with a Shapie, etc. It’s great that you are keeping your sense of humor about the tantruming — hold onto it! :)

  7. AdrienneMay

    my son started crying not 3 secs after I picked him up from daycare and put him in the car! Way to make me feel loved, throw a huge tantrum. I know he cant help it, he is frustrated and dealing with so much emotional overload probably from his whole day— but its hard on mommy too! thankfully our night ended better!

  8. homemade

    O My, I am only 7 months pregnant but look what is ahead. I don’t want to think about tantrums right now, i am still in the so super excited I can’t wait, I love evey minute of all of this stage!
    Hopefully after a long sleep he will be in much better spirits.

  9. themanager

    we nuggle buggle in our house so cutesy talk is totally acceptable! I have to say even crying, this boy is completely adorable! oh, please tell me where do you get those cups? I think I should get some since sippys kinda suck.

  10. Kaitlin Cole

    So sweet. He is adorable even when he cries! You are SUCH a sweet mama. P.S. You have made me make a point of reading my bible in front of my boy everyday. Thanks.

  11. Toni

    Adorable! I’ve seen that face way too much lately. My son is resisting everything…crib, highchair, diaper changes. 20 months is so fun, but boy does that kid try my patience!

  12. Karey

    I honestly almost spit out my coffee at your “that’s what she said” comment- too funny!

    Right before our second child was born (our first two are 19 months apart) our first child turned into something very different from our sweet, mellow, laid back little girl we had previously known. It did get better though (eventually). Hang in there – it sounds like you’re doing an amazing job!

  13. molly

    I wanted to tell you that the tantrums took the same route at our house when Landon was about that same age. I think it has to do with having more but still not enough communication skills. If that makes any sense at all.

    I can tell you that we still do have the tantrums but by the age of 2 he was better able to tell me WHY he was upset, which makes it infinitely better.

    I promise you, he will calm down. There are good days and bad days.

  14. Katie

    Oh man! over here too! We are running into MAJOR MELTDOWN territory lately…and I just stand there like this: O_O because i have no idea what to do!


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