consider this your warning

I woke up to quite a surprise last weekend.

Before I go any further, I feel like it’s time for an official disclosure to you, my friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet), especially those of you who are… ahem… male.

I’m pregnant. Quite so, actually. And at the end of pregnancy there are these things that happen to usher in labor. These things are not typical topics of public conversation, so I feel the need to say it bluntly:

These things will be topics of public conversation on this here blog. Dilation, cervixes, plugs, pelvic pain, uterine contractions… they are fair game here. You have been warned.

So this weekend. You guys. I don’t know how to ease into this:

I done lost my mucus plug. I know that I know that I know that’s what it was, too. (O, the joys of pregnancy the second time around.) AH! 34 weeks! Whoa there Gummybear!

So I paged my sweet twitter doula to ask the unthinkable.

“If someone loses their mucus plug, does that mean they’re dilating and/or effacing, even just a little?”

Affirmative, friends.

Panic mode!!┬áStill no sheetrock on the walls upstairs! (Will I forever think of pending labor in terms of what house projects we haven’t yet completed? Honestly. Who lives like this?) She reminded me that plugs can restore themselves, so this does not mean we are racing down a one way freeway toward delivery. With no other signs and an otherwise healthy pregnancy, we still have time.

But I’ll be! If waking up to THAT on a Saturday isn’t a cold splash of reality.

Hey! AllisonO! This baby! It’s-a-comin!

And thus concludes the first of many posts in which I use anatomical terms with reckless abandon, share things about my own body that you didn’t know you wanted to know, and make my father blush. (Hi dad!)

33 Responses to “consider this your warning”

  1. Jo

    Don’t panic too much darling. I lost mine weeks before having one of my babies. It’s a sign yes…but not a done deal yet. This little darling will come exactly when it should. *hugs*

    • AllisonO

      I know, I know. This just caught me off guard.

      If there’s one thing I learned about my body it’s that it works up slowly to labor and over a long period of time. I was walking around happy as a clam for a week at 3-4cm with OBaby. It’s nice actually!

  2. Brittany

    hmm.. is that the same thing as having your water break? my mom was induced for all five of us girls and so i really have no idea.

    • FoxyMomma

      no, it’s not the same thing. i really didn’t know what a mucous plug was until like 3 wks before i had my son. haha! it pretty much is what the name sounds like. i had to have my water broken with my son, but had lost my mucous plug days before the actual labor.

      • AllisonO

        I lost mine early-ish with OBaby, around 36 if I recall, but I actually don’t know when my water broke with him. It was still intact when I checked into the hospital at 7cm!

  3. Heather

    I am a new mom up in Hugo, not too far from you I think, and I want to be friends! Anyway, I lost my mucus plug and had my daughter about 12 hours later, not to freak you out or anything… but get ready! God’s timing is best so don’t worry!!! :)

  4. homemade

    Oh, I was just reading about that yesterday as I am fast approaching the end of my pregnancy. This is my first so it seems, like some things are good to read…just incase. I dont want to panick…mucus plugs, and the such are all very very new to me.
    My mom keeps telling me when it is ready it will come. Not any sooner, not any later!!

  5. Katie

    Long time reader, first time commenter….

    If it makes you feel any better, the last month of my pregnancy I dilated a cm every week – with no contractions, no nothing. At my 40 week appt, I was dilated 5 cm and was 100% effaced, and I still was NOT in labor. (Although, I did go into labor later that night). So……you’ve probably got some time mama!

  6. becca

    oh. my. goodness. gummibear could be here before you know it! how exciting and time-crunching all at the same time!

  7. Kim

    So, I have lost my plug with 3 of my 4. Each time I had the baby within 24 hours. My sister-in-law though, lost her plug and 2 weeks later her baby was born (17 years ago today!!).

  8. annemarie

    Here’s some encouragement – I lost mine well before my due date, but it GREW BACK and I was 16 days late. Wait, maybe that’s not encouraging at all. Sorry!

  9. vj

    Generally, if you lose your plug (and you notice it…everyone will lose her plug, but not everyone notices it), you have a 50% chance of going into labor in 24 hours, and a 50% chance of not. Though as I type this, I’m not quite sure how I would find citation for that….

  10. Ingrid

    ok, kiddo, your pregnant, I think your dad has already dealt with “knowing” some things :-)
    ps. you’re adorable

  11. kim

    1st, I LOVE your dad’s comment!! 2nd, I lost my plug w/ Violet, my first, 2 weeks out, and walked around at 4 -5 cm from there. Ho-hum. Just doing the waiting thing. Of course, being my first and all, I was THIS is IT. Not so much. W/ my second I never even saw a thing. Went from ‘what’s that twinge?’ to “hi baby!” in 2 hours. And with the third it was this weird slow labor that lasted 3 days and had me telling everybody I was in labor and they were all rolling their eyes. It’s so different every.single.time. I would be beyond excited, and beyond freaked out, because, yes, there is no sheetrock upstairs! (and I mark birth events kinda like this, too!) Enjoy the upcoming days, oh, I’m so jealous!

  12. Tiffany

    Ahhhhhh…..I just love a good blunt discussion about bodily functions. No, REALLY!! :) Happy pushing, my friend.

  13. Auntie Laura

    Ohhh, just so you know this..your “cousin” Ben was born at 34 weeks…who knows whatever happened to that mucous plug??????

  14. Heather

    Crazy! I never lost my mucas plug in either pregnancy but with my son my water broke in the waiting room for a weekly appointment at 36 weeks (I had been on bedrest at this post for 4 weeks due to preterm labor) and that was so awkward! Especially when I was wearing my most favorite sandals! Luckily my hospital is adjacent to the dr’s office so a nurse got a wheelchair & wheeled me right over!

  15. Korie

    I never lost my mucus plug until I was in labor, but I had a friend who lost hers weeks before she delivered her son. The mucus plug does actually have a way of regenerating itself if it’s not time for Gummybear to come yet:)

  16. Hannah

    ooooohhhhhhh exciting!!! We could end up having our babies at the same time! Or if you had your babe before me, that would be crazy. Just make him stay in for a few more weeks! I’m about half way thinned and only about 1/2cm dilated now at 36wk 2d. But things are starting to move here, too! weeee!!

  17. Molly @Mallaidh

    The most comforting thing I can say is that the baby will be staying in your room (I assume) for a little while before OBaby and the new baby will be off to their own respective rooms, so even if you don’t feel ready and the baby comes a bit early, you still have time. ;) If it also makes you feel better, I lost mine around the same time and my cervix of steel didn’t really dilate at all and I was finally induced at 40 weeks due to the baby’s size.

  18. Christa

    I remember the day, many years ago, when my husband came home from work and asked what a mucous plug was as his co-worker had announced she had lost hers! I think he knew better to ask if he should help her look for it. He has 5 sisters so has learned and seen a lot over the years since then.

  19. Nicole Drysdale-Rickman

    I don’t know why everyone freaks out about these words…people, how do you think the babies get out?! ::rant over:: I personally am so excited to hear this because it brings me one step closer to seeing sweet pictures of your new babe on your blog!


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