yes, Virginia, there is a brand new SuperTarget

It sounded too good to be true. A brand new SuperTarget store mere minutes from our house.

A brand new dollar section.

Brand new shoe aisles.

Brand new home decor area.

Brand new accessories display.

OBaby insisted we go see it for ourselves (because he simply couldn’t believe it, he said). I obliged, but only under no uncertain terms that I would be purchasing a drink from the in-store Starbucks.

(A Starbucks IN a Target?! I KNOW! Understand why OBaby needed to see it with his own eyes? On Earth as it is in Heaven, I tell ‘ya.)


:: tortoise shell ::


:: aviators ::


:: ferris bueller ::


Mind you, it was 50° and sunny out the day we partook of that new store smell, so I naturally purchased some new sunglasses. And then I tried other accessories with absolutely zero success.

You know those newsboy hats? They’ve been ‘in’ for a while now, so I feel like it’s finally safe for me to approach them (it took me YEARS to buy skinny jeans), but y’all. Me in a trendy hat. It was bad news bears.

I tried, I really did, to make the trendy hat work. I actually really like baseball hats on me, so I am bummed that this didn’t work out, but anyway you sliced it, I looked like a train conductor.


“Tickets please!”

PS: O My CHINS (I blame the baby on board. Yup. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) Also? Apparently when I squeeze my arms together, my pregnancy chest extends all the way up to my neck.

Heaven help me, I will never pose like this ever again.


Boy moms, does this ever happen to you? You’re perfectly content, even in love with the idea of having your little buddy/ies with their boyishness, cargo pants, tendency to disassemble EVERYTHING, and selective deafness for the phrase ‘Please don’t throw that’… until one day when you come upon the girl toddler clothes section at Target.

When unexpectedly,  your heart goes pitter-patter-pitter-patter.


There they are. The ruffles. The leggings, the sundresses. The miniature versions of outfits I would totally wear.


:: pitter-patter-pitter-patter ::

I love having boys. I really do… but maybe send an X chromosome my way next time, DanO?

:: :: :: :: :: ::

Thus concludes my ramblings regarding Target. You’re welcome.

35 Responses to “yes, Virginia, there is a brand new SuperTarget”

  1. Amber

    I’m sorry you’ve had to wait this long in your life for a Target with a Starbucks. We don’t have SuperTargets around me, but nearly all Targets have Starbucks here. Meijer, the big grocery store, does too. It’s wonderful.

    • AllisonO

      O there are other Targets with Starbucks. It’s just that the 2 I used to go to before didn’t have them. Weeeeeeee!

  2. Saz

    I’m a boy mom too and I definitely drool at the girl clothes section. Why are boy clothes so ugly? Why are girl clothes SO cute? At least it gives our wallets a break, right? That’s what I keep telling myself.

  3. Michelle

    oh goodness, I completely understand. I love little boy clothes and I found the most adorable polos and jeans and little onesies for my little guy but then Carters opened their first ever outlet store in Canada in my hometown and I walked through the little girl aisle and I melted and dreamed and for one split second wished that I had a little girl as well…but then I walked to their boy

  4. becca

    i love the little girl clothes. love them. but alas, i’m only looking at them now too. hopefully third time will be the charm in the girl department (a few years down the road!). & your photo caption about your pregnancy chest made me laugh out loud – only because i am very much in the same situation :-)

    p.s. we’ve had several targets with starbucks in them for a few years. they recently built a new super target near us that’s supposedly the biggest one in the states… but perhaps your new one now surpasses it. i love me some target!

  5. abby

    I wish we had a super Target! We have (Super) Krogers that have the Starbucks inside, but a Super Target would be so much better!! And seriously you had me laughing out loud about that picture. I think the hat looked cute on you. But I totally understand because I never think trendy hats look cute on me. Oh and I am quickly losing my excuse for a double chin…it’s slipping right through my fingers. But I will keep my excuse for my boobage. There may not be a baby on board but feeding one is another story:)

  6. Moriah

    How sad is it that I prayed every single day until my ultrasound that I’d have a girl JUST so I could finally buy those adorable Target dresses?

  7. Darlene

    I didn’t know targets existed without starbucks! it’s my own little slice of heaven- starbucks then target, and only having to get jasper out of the car seat once. Pure genious

  8. LA@TheReelFamily

    Oh little girlie goodness at target kills me. I begging for that x heading my way in about 2 yrs. But this is also coming from the girl that cried in the car after discovering I was going to have 2 boys 25 months apart. Lord help my house cause it’s going to be messy.

  9. Nicole

    You are so lucky to enjoy a new store. And I spy O Baby in those cool new carts. I wish my Target has those carts but it does have a Starbucks so I’ll count myself lucky.

    Love the pregnancy chest! :)

  10. Vanessa

    YES! Emphatically yes. My heart does the same thing.
    I have 2 boys (they’re 21 months apart) and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a boy-Mama – at one point I emphatically did NOT want any girls, but yes. The ruffles. The little dresses (oh help it’s easter/spring dress season!). The tiny, adorable, shiny!pink!shoes!
    I’m asking for that X chromosome next time, too.
    Although I always say that God knew of my materialistic urges so he gave me boys – and it’s already hard enough! :)

  11. Vanessa

    Oh and – you have a target. I am jealous.
    I think Canada is not getting Target for another few years.
    Le Sigh.

  12. Amanda

    Hahahaha so I DO live in VA and we are just now getting our Super Target March 27th! Youre title made me giggle! :)

    • AllisonO

      YAY! You will love it. Funny, I didn’t even think of the State reference when I chose the title, but how appropriate that you’re getting a new one too!

  13. kim

    That hat is o’so not that bad. At least you have a chin — even not preggers I do not own one! :) And as far as little girl clothing vs boy clothing? Well . . . I get to buy both and let me tell you, that while I absolutely drool over the ruffles of the teeny years, when we hit the age about 3? O my NO not ever in no world we live in will anybody in this home be wearing that! Target actually carries a line of clothing for 7 year olds that has fishnet stockings that are ATTACHED. Yeah, you read that right. And one day at Kohl’s I found a shirt for my 7 year old that said, “can’t touch this” So, at this point, I LOVE little boy clothes. B/C I’m so tired of hunting through hooker clothes for my 8 and 5 year olds!

  14. Jolene

    LOVE Super Target. Helpful when little ones are melting down and momma needs a bottle o’ wine along with those other odds and ends that she went there to buy in the first place. ;-) FYI, they have cup holders for the Starbucks so that you don’t get burned while pushing the cart. GENIUS!

  15. Dana Michelley

    Love your blog! I am very jealous of the super target. We don’t have any of those here in Savannah, Ga.! I do love the regular ole targets too though. happy blogging!

  16. chantal

    Im your neighbor in grandforks nd and i wad pretty freakin excited when i moved here that we have a super target! I was in there today returning a Waaay too small bra (started this pregnancy at a C cup and now the D i bought was a pathetic attempt at ignoring the DDs i now have) Anyways.. i went to check out the sunglasses too but somehow wandered into the baby section and melted at the sight of a newborn sized blue polka dotted puffy dress. Hubby had to remind me that no matter how many cute dresses i find, the baby in my belly is still gonna be a boy. *sigh* lol. I love him to death already but man id love to shop for baby leggings, head bands, dresses, and frilly cardigan sweaters!! One day…

  17. kk @ the mom diggity

    I know this may seem crazy…but us moms of girls actually get that same pitter patter when we see t-shirts and cargo pants and dump trucks. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dressing my mini me…but I so hope to have a little mamas boy too!!!

    How did you ever survive this long without target?? It’s my sanity on a crazy day. So thankful you have one of your very own now!

  18. Kaitlin Cole

    When my hubs, babe and I moved to Seattle we hit the Super Target first. I am a Target lady at heart and it blesses me so much. We also try on sunglasses (and those fancy rings). I had to stop going there after (about 7) trips where my total was never under $100.00. Oops :)

  19. Rose

    First, Whaaaat, I want a Starbucks in our local Target!
    Second, as a mom of two boys (& that’s it for us) those little girl clothes make my heart hurt with their sweetness … and then I start calling my sisters and telling them to hurry up and get married and make some girl babies.

  20. Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby

    I am super jealous that you have a Super Target, but we do have a Starbucks in our Target, too, even though it’s not Super (It’s super cool, but not officially “Super”… you know what I mean)…

    And you are totally right about the girly stuff! I love being a boy mom, too, but my gosh, all my friends are popping out baby girls and buying all these ruffly baby gifts is making me ache for a little girl to strap giant hair bows on. It’s a good thing I only have a boy, though, because I am fairly certain I would go broke buying tiny shoes and bloomers.

  21. Andi Adams

    Target is totally my favorite store! With the Starbucks, heck yes! :P I can’t wait to have a baby to dress up in the cute cloths they have there!
    And PS- you do pull off the cute hat! It makes your eyes pop!

  22. polka

    Happy to hear that you have a place to go shopping and enjoy yourself all close to the house :)
    Obaby looks adorable in the big sunglasses :)
    I guess every women is dreaming about buying those lil pink dresses one day :) heh

    have a nice weekend

  23. melissa

    no starbucks in target until now!? you live in target’s home state! we have supertargets everywhere. i work at supertarget. it sounds fun. it isn’t. i spend my entire paycheck at the store- and it just stinks

    oh and girls clothes- swoon

  24. Lauren

    Love it! My Cutter and I literally hit up our Target with Starbucks every day. Perfect outing for him and me!
    Which glassed did you get?

  25. Toni

    I love a good Super Target! I went yesterday just for something to do and I also stop and drool at the girls clothes. I’m a boy mom, pregnant with my 2nd (very early, so we don’t know the sex yet). If it’s a girl, the checking acct is in trouble.

  26. MamaB

    This was sooo cute! We had (have I mean) two boys and then finally (finally!!!) had a girl! She will be one on Saturday and lemme tell ya…..I buy all those pink and frilly things I used to drool over when I just had the boys! ;)

  27. Elaine

    I think new Target smell might be better than new car smell. And we were just there today too and I ALMOST bought that brown swimming suit with the hearts on it for K. I do hope you get to buy rufflfes some day… ;)

  28. Coco

    i just came across your blog and i love it.
    oh and im jealous, the closest target to us is 3.5 hours away.
    so im very jealous.


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