April 2011 Archives


no, I’M more stressed.

When my stress level rises my coping mechanisms come out and my defense shields go up. I think that’s true of most of us. But a funny thing happens when I am coping, defending, surviving – it becomes all about me. My burden. My worries. My what-ifs. These stressors, though, (the house project of the… Read more »


peeking out to say hello

Not the baby. Me. No peeking on the baby’s part for a very long time, thankyouverymuch. (ok, so like, a month.) A quick update on our ultrasound last Friday: All is well in placenta land. We needed it to measure 3cm away, and it was 13cm. THIRTEEN! The technician quickly saw that everything measured fine,… Read more »


sheetrock and my placenta

Do you think the title of this post is some sort of cosmic first? I mean, have those words EVER been paired before? And so cavalierly? I guess maybe they have come accidentally stumbling from someone’s lips in a conversation I can’t really imagine? But typed out and previewed then published the whole interwebs to see, has it ever… Read more »