sheetrock and my placenta

Do you think the title of this post is some sort of cosmic first? I mean, have those words EVER been paired before? And so cavalierly? I guess maybe they have come accidentally stumbling from someone’s lips in a conversation I can’t really imagine? But typed out and previewed then published the whole interwebs to see, has it ever before been done?

These are the things I wonder about.

And the things you wonder about, if I am correctly interpreting comments/emails/tweets from my friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet), are 1. How is the upstairs coming along? 2. WE WANT TO SEE THE BABY BUMP AGAIN. 3. What the what happened to the daily photo?

Am I right?

Well, am I?

Ok, so backwards, let’s begin:

3. O My Everyday is alive and strong. For the first, maybe 45 days of the year I was posting a picture from my phone or otherwise from that day as I was about to turn off my light for the night. Then I realized that the process of doing that was 5 minutes or so everyday, but if I grouped up 3 or so days at a time, it was still only 5 minutes. I now post a daily picture from almost everyday (I think I’ve missed 4 days this year?) but I am usually doing them a few days behind in a chunk. I love you dearly, but those saved 15-20 minutes are worth 3-4 days delay in my book. I’m sure you understand. And if I ever dare get nearly a week behind again, you and ‘Anonimous‘ can get on the line together and exchange gripes about me, m’kay?

2. The gummybump at 35 weeks 2 days:

IMG_5751.jpg IMG_5752.jpg IMG_5754.jpg

2.a. My placenta. No, I didn’t list my placenta in things you might be wondering about, but it’s my blog and I’ll mention it if I want to.

I transferred my prenatal care to the midwives that staff a birth center near our house because we hope to deliver there. (I am completely and utterly stoked about this, by the way!) Along with transferring my care came transferring my records. My new midwife was looking over said records when she noticed something about our 20 week ultrasound.

Did they tell you you have a low-lying placenta?

“Uhm? A what?”

She went on to tell me that the ultrasound had measured my placenta as being attached to my uterus just barely over a centimeter away from my cervix. They like to see 3cm or more. If the placenta attaches too close or ON the cervix, called placenta previa, it can lead to bleeding during labor and delivery and is dangerous for mama and baby. But also, the spot where it attaches usually migrates away from the cervix over the course of a normal pregnancy.

SO! The point is that we are having another ultrasound tomorrow to measure the current distance between the cervix and the placental attachment. I am hopeful that it will have moved up and we can carry on with a low-risk pregnancy. I am also more than a wee bit irked that no one at my previous practice said a darn thing to me about this. Think of all that precious lost time I could have been catching you guys up on the whereabouts of my placenta as it related to my cervix! Cervix, cervix, cervix! So many lost opportunities to use anatomical terms on my blog.

Alas, it is probably better that I didn’t have those 15 weeks to worry about it. Tomorrow will tell.

3. Sheetrock. In a very un-DanO like move we have decided to, get this, pay someone else to do something on our house. Literally unheard of around here (except the roof, but really that was covered by insurance and who re-roofs their own house anyway?). We did the measurements and ordered the materials, then got a few bids on the labor of hanging the sheetrock on the walls and doing the mudding (covering the screw holes and making the seams smooth).

And then we hired someone.

Praise God, we hired someone else to do something 1) faster than we could do it because they have a crew 2) so that we can actually breathe. Breathing! Eating dinner together! Doing things as a family in the evening! Can you just imagine?

But first we had to get the sheetrock crane lifted into our second story front window, of course.


63 sheets of 4ft x 12ft sheetrock for walls and ceilings, 17 sheets of 3ft x 5ft cement board (for behind tile in the bathroom), and 4 50lb buckets of self-leveling concrete… for funsies.


Here the driver is getting his truck close enough to reach the arm into the window and OBaby is pretty much geeking out in Papa’s arms.



And this is a stack of sheetrock flying 20 feet over my front yard.

(Can I go home now?)


You totally thought I was kidding about the ‘in the front window’ thing, didn’t you?

The boom operator brought the sheets horizontally into the window (which we removed because we are replacing it, and well, because we needed to shove sheetrock through it) and DanO, his dad, and two of our very favorite missionary friends slid each sheet off the stack one by one and brought them in the house.

OBaby and I watched from across the street.

IMG_5720.jpg IMG_5724.jpg

O, you know… just taking up 2/3 of the street with our construction materials delivery. Don’t mind us, neighbors!


Please note his near-inability to keep his bottom on the step. So. Freaking. Excited.


The end.

I need a nap.

24 Responses to “sheetrock and my placenta”

  1. Kim

    I would be irked also. BUT, the placenta will generally move as the uterus grows, so I bet it is far far away, or at least 3 cm away, from your cervix.

    You look so stinking cute. I feel like a whale and am only a week ahead of you. These kids are going to be here before we know it.

    Love you sweetie. And thanks for keeping me updated on your placenta and cervix. I appreciate it. ;)

  2. Erin

    I remember when my boys were about OBaby’s age and the apartment building next door to us had its driveway redone. We sat and watched them pour concrete and I think they probably actually DID wet their pants– who knows since they were in diapers still. LOL.

    • AllisonO

      Bahaha. Chances are OBaby wet his pants, too as the whole process took over an hour. And hour of TRUUUUUUUH!

  3. MommyJ

    I can’t decide if I think your house or your shirt are more adorable… No. I can’t pick. Let’s say they are equal parts adorable. (But, lets be honest. Neither of them are as adorable as that boy of yours. Oh, to have a life full of so much cuteness…)


  4. Michelle Richards

    Hi! Just came across your blog this week and I am in love! You’re adorable at 35 weeks pregnant! And after two boys, I thought we were out of the “truuuuuuu!!” stage, but I think my almost 2 year old is worse than they ever were!

  5. Alissa

    I wish I could fist bump the gummy bump. Real gently of course. (:

    You? Adorable. Obaby? Adorable? House? Adorable. You should conisider renaming the blog O My Adorable Family.

    Prayers for a placenta that is not encroaching on your cervix. (Trying to up your anatomical terms count). ;)

  6. Mae

    I love everything about this, except the missing 2 centimeters between your cervix! cervix! cervix! and your placental attachment whosiewhatsit.

    Other than that part, this basically rocks.

    As in… SHEETrocks.


  7. Heather of the EO

    I think I’m experiencing PTSD. Construction PTSD. I remember a very similar truck. And being pregnant with #2 and Miles being so EXCITED about the sheetrock truck and it being the ONLY thing (mudding and taping) that Ryan would hire out. Oh it was all very very MUCH. So I will take deep breaths now and ask you to do the same. It’s HARD. Hang in there, lady. Sooner or later, IT ENDS.



    • AllisonO

      It’s from target – not maternity, just a komono style that fits still!

  8. Elaine

    Oh man, Obaby was in “TRUUUUUUH” Heaven!

    We had a tree fall on our house when my oldest was about this age. He could NOT BELIEVE that REAL Firemen were in our house. Blew his mind.

    Glad things are moving along, both with your bump and the house. And hoping all is well with your placenta.

    p.s. I’m guessing that you are SURELY the first to combine those two words in a title/sentence! HA HA!

  9. Steph

    My husband insists on doing everything himself but after sheetrocking and mudding a small 6 x 10 room he said “Never again!” and now he hires that part out :)

    You are adorable pregnant. And toddlers are beyond cute over trucks.

  10. Andrea S

    Hey, we can just pray that placenta away… er… upwards! It’s a good thing we don’t have to be embarrassed talking about such things to God.

    Oh, and GOOD FOR YOU for hiring someone. I just know you’re taking advantage of every spare moment of family time – and you need to.

  11. Nicole P

    I had the same thing in my pregnancy with my placenta (how fun writing that word!) and it shifted upward how it was supposed to. I’ll be praying that yours does also! also, you have such a cute little house, I hope I am able to have a house similar to that someday!

  12. Tiffany @MomNom

    I don’t blame you for being annoyed, not one bit. That seems like a pretty dang important details to, um, just leave out…

    But, dang, that baby boy is ca-ute. I could barely read the sheetrock explanation because of his adorableness.

  13. Katie

    Tuuuuck! Yes…everything with wheels here is a caaaaaw (car).

    And the picture where he can’t quite stay on his bottom? Dying of cute.

    Good luck today with your ultrasound. Thinking happy, moving placenta thoughts for you.

  14. E

    You look so cute! I’m a little jealous right now because I have that SAME dress from Target but can’t possibly wear it right now because my belly takes up too much room and makes it SUPER short. (And, I’m only 26 weeks pregnant.) Tell me you are wearing jeans under it!!!

    Good luck at your appointment today!

    • AllisonO

      I am absolutely wearing jeans under it. No one needs to see that much of me. :)

  15. Lindsay N.

    “TRUUUUH” – love it. Absolutely adorable. Also adorable? The gummybear bump. Yay for hiring someone, that always helps move projects along just a little bit quicker. Plus it’ll give your husband & crew of family/friends a little break (right?). Seems like it’s all coming along fabulously, keep up the good work!

    And, Nnot to be intrusive, but how did the placenta check appointment turn out?? (Praying that all is well.)

  16. Jessy

    We re-roofed our house (and my parents, grandparents, husbands parents and his brother’s house)

    Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself, right?

  17. Marta

    I had this happen as well with the low lying placenta when I was pregnant with Grace. It did migrate back where it was supposed to be. It did make me nervous, but most likely it will return to a normal spot. My doctors did tell me to be extra careful about lifting and doing certain activities (sex… eeek!) That’s my experience. I hope everything looks great tomorrow! Praying for you guys each time I read the blog! :-)


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