speaking of the house project of the decade {video!}

The first part of this video is me climbing the stairs.

The rest of it is me catching my breath.

The pictures are older than the video (which is why you can see the screws and seams in the sheetrock), but they don’t come with a sound track of me panting, so there’s that.

IMG_5756.jpg IMG_5762.jpg IMG_5764.jpg IMG_5769.jpg IMG_5772.jpg IMG_5775.jpg IMG_5778.jpg

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I also wrote about marriage today.

Two posts in one day?! And a video?! I know. Consider it penance for earlier this week. And last week. And just lately in general.

24 Responses to “speaking of the house project of the decade {video!}”

  1. abby

    Loved the video! It’s exciting to see the progress. Can’t wait to see the finished product! (I’m sure you can’t either!)

  2. Karey

    Okay, the natural light in that upstairs is UH-MAZING! And vaulted ceiling in the master? Jealous. A lot. Can’t wait to see it finished (can’t wait to see that baby finished, too!). :)

  3. Sarah

    Beautiful home addition! Your family will be so comfortable there. My dad built his own home by himself. It has taken him over twenty years…….anyway, don’t sweat the small stuff…your upstairs is more finished than our house when we moved in.

    I am checkng here frequently, so I won’t miss any baby news!

  4. Rebecca

    it’s been a while since you have blogged…which is perfectly ok. just wanted you to know i’ve been thinking of/praying for ya!

  5. Sara

    ditto to what Rebecca said. I’ve been watching for news and praying for you and yours during these last few weeks!

  6. jen

    So feeling slightly like a web stalker~~ but honestly~~ as a friend you haven’t met yet, hoping that all is well in your world.

  7. Stephanie

    Hope everything is ok! I too feel like a web stalker, as a reader, which is a friend you just haven’t met yet, lol!

  8. Susan

    Missing your blogs. Hoping all is well with you and your beautiful family.

  9. melissa

    Like many others have already said, I’m missing hearing from you and have been hoping and praying that all’s well with you and your family!


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