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welcome summer sponsors!

You see those new banners over there? OoOoOoOo! Pretty! They are the O My Family Summer Sponsors! Yaaaaaay! Each of the companies and handmade shops represented hold lovely treasures that I think you will like. I love using this space to support online business owners and the handmade community! I own and use items from… Read more »


meditation? hallucination? you decide.

To prepare for OBoy’s birth two years ago, DanO and I took 10 weeks of birth education classes for Bradley Method birth. The Bradley curriculum main points seem to be husband coached childbirth, empowering information, and practical relaxation techniques. ‘Husband coached’ means the birth partner is there for every contraction, supporting the mama (often literally)… Read more »


the birth of a brother, part 2

This is the second part of OBrother’s birth story. You can find the first part here. The staff got me turned around in the bed and put him on my chest right away. I don’t remember anyone being too alarmist about it, but I do remember that something wasn’t right. OBrother was on my chest,… Read more »


the birth of a brother, part 1

To fully understand Isaac’s birth story, you should probably know that I had already labored on and off for some 26 hours, but it didn’t work (or wasn’t “real”, but I dare you to come say that to my face). After that experience on Wednesday May 4, I was somewhat disenchanted by labor signs. I had… Read more »