by the numbers

18 days since I last posted

8 days until my due date

Dozens of sweet messages and emails asking “Are you guys ok, friend?”

(Yes. We are!)

4 contractions last night, each 20 minutes apart, but then they disappeared

4 voice mails left by my dad trying to get a hold of me last week (I’ve been unacceptably busy)

2 phones at the same time held up to my ears – one with the tile shop and one with my dad (pretty much how my life has been lately)

28 weeks, the pregnancy stage at which my sweet friend gave birth to her micro-preemie (my heart has been heavy and my hands full as I tried to help wherever I could)

1:15am is how late DanO and I stayed up tiling the bathroom floor on Friday


391 bajillion times I’ve told myself “I need to blog today!!”

7 gallons of paint applied to the upstairs (3 of them on top of each other because I didn’t like the color. twice.)

23lbs gained this pregnancy (with OBaby it was 43lbs. Apparently chasing a toddler and building a story of your house keeps the weight off?)

38 weeks is how far I got before having to take off my size 4.5 engagement ring. Just the band left, and it’s size 6.5


12 cans of cherry coke presently in my fridge because O My Cravings, I have never wanted soda so badly in all my life

208 feet of baseboard trim to paint, sand, install, and re-paint

2 cm dilated and “really nice and soft” … that would be the state of my cervix as of Wednesday

20 pelvic rocks each night because my midwife noted that gummybear is posterior

22 unread emails in O My Family’s inbox (shudder.)

2 pair of maternity ‘work’ jeans in my wardrobe (both have gnarly holes in the inner-thigh, but when you’re married to DanO, you know that maternity work clothes will come in handy)

Innumerable hours of sleep lost, wondering when this baby will come and if we’ll be far enough on the upstairs remodel.

8:00pm when I left the house last Monday to go get a pedicure because I wanted to

4 days of sad/feverish/under the weather behavior from OBaby last week

3.5 hours (happily) spent holding my sweet boy while he napped because he didn’t want to be laid down.


59 days until O My Brother-In-Law’s wedding, during which OBaby will wear a toddler tux. I am¬†practically¬†already dying from the cuteness.

2 successful recent grocery trips with the toddler without passing out or calling DanO

49,240 times DanO has told me that it’s all going to work out just fine

580 square feet of wood floor left to install upstairs

Make that 49,241

$180 spent on figuring out why our dog was… uhm… well, let’s just leave it at ‘very sick’

2 antibiotics a day to the dog for a week

1 disposable diaper used to pad the stair railing as we brought it home

sheer brilliance: cannot be quantified



38 Responses to “by the numbers”

  1. bethany

    Those are a crazy amount of numbers! Praying for y’all as you work on the house and gummy bear (what are you going to call him blogwise once he’s post womb?)

  2. Ashley

    I’m a fairly new reader and haven’t commented much, but I’ve really enjoyed your blog and have definitely wondered where you’ve been. Make sure to take time for yourself before the next little one gets here, it sounds like you’ve had a lot on your plate!

  3. Laura

    So glad to hear that everything is well (albeit extremely busy!) at the O household. Thinking of you/praying for you as Gummybear approaches and house project continues!

  4. Stephanie

    Glad ur ok! well, not completely ok since it seems you are slightly stressed about the remodel ;) Pretty soon your #’s won’t be about the remodel it will be about how many diapers you’ve changed and how many hours/days you went w/o a shower ;) 2 children are so much fun tho!! Have a good & low stress week!

  5. themanager

    I have no idea how you keep going at 38 wks! but, with that said, I can’t wait to see that little boy!! I will be praying for a smooth delivery for you!

  6. Kim

    Been hoping all is well – even stalked you on twitter! (creepy?) How long did it take you to add up all these numbers? Very impressive :) Now get about 24 + hours of sleep, 24+ hours of cuddling the men in your life and get ready for another cute baby!

    • Jessy

      I really hope that’s not creepy, because I did the same thing! Just wanting to make sure everything was ok.

        • AllisonO

          Y’all are silly. Of course you can watch my twitter!!! I put it over there on the right —-> for a reason! It’s easier to throw out a few sentences throughout the day sometimes than to sit and write a post. You are so sweet, thanks for sharing our excitement for all the stuff going on!

        • Sara

          Oooh Goodness! I’m glad its alright. I was starting to get a bit worried about you guys too! Good luck and still praying for all of you.

  7. Amanda

    Yay! I missed reading your words (and missed you more at girls’ night!). You are one strong, incredible woman. That said, give yourself permssion to rest, to leave the less important things undone, to enjoy these last days of having your baby in your belly. :) Baby will be just fine even if the floors and baseboards aren’t finshed. :) I’ll continue to pray for you guys as the big day approaches!

  8. Tiffany @MomNom

    Hang in there, love. It sounds so much like the end of my last pregnancy (well, just the crazy busy part, I had a kid in the hospital – not nearly as fun) and it will work out. I promise. xoxo

  9. Ashley

    Omg y’all have such busy lives. You are so awesome I could never stand all that. I like to have a lot of down time. :) Can’t wait to see little gummy bear

  10. Sarah Johnson

    I was wondering if you had the baby yet. Been praying for you! So wish we could be at Paul’s wedding this summer. I can only imagine how cute O Baby will look. Blessings to your family!

  11. Kaitlin Cole

    Missed you dearly and you seem to have quite the party going on at your house! Can’t wait to see the finished (!) upstairs and also see pictures of that perfectly wonderful babe in your tum.

  12. jill

    been checking in and hoping all was ok. finally figured out i could check your twitter to see if you were well. oh, and cherry coke was my go to beverage when pregnant…with both kids.

  13. Stephanie

    Welcome back :) I missed you, but hope you take care of yourself in these final days before birth and don’t let blogging become one more thing you have to do. We give yo permission for a much needed hiatus and rest. Will pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby!

  14. Anna

    Also, 1 friend excited, waiting and re-reading all her doula books in preparation of your beautiful, upcoming birth!
    Hang in there friend. You’re doing awesome!

  15. Nicole Drysdale-Rickman

    Oh mama… You deserve that Cherry Coke!!
    I have missed your words…but know how stressful this time must be. I am sending you super quick remodel, baby coming at just the right time, and more sleep,rest, and peace vibes all wrapped up in one!

  16. Elaine

    I should have known you were Honda people! ;-) Love my Honda!

    Anyway, I read it all but I have to say I’m already melting over here at the thought of Obaby in a tux!!! :-D

    Good to “hear” for you…. xo

  17. Jennifer

    YAY! I rarely comment but have been obsessively checking your blog for baby news; so glad to read this post! And cherry coke is my pregnancy craving this time around too…crazy!!!
    Hang in there; praying for you!!

  18. Ashley

    ALLISON! You’re back! It’s good to hear from you but i must say that I am jealous of your tiny fingers. I were a 7.5 normally and right now I think I am an 8 and I am not pregnant :(

  19. Christy from MN

    I can’t get to Twitter at work, but I wanted to wish you a smooth delivery (hopefully today!). God will give you the strength you need!

  20. Karen

    Excellent – was just stopping by for my daily check-in with OMyFamily. I too was beginning to worry/wonder, what with the stair climbing/heavy breathing video clip being up for so long!


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