the birth of a brother, part 2

This is the second part of OBrother’s birth story. You can find the first part here.


The staff got me turned around in the bed and put him on my chest right away. I don’t remember anyone being too alarmist about it, but I do remember that something wasn’t right. OBrother was on my chest, we were rubbing him, trying to get him to cry, to wake up, to breathe.

After a few minutes? seconds? moments? of no change in OBrother, my midwife said three words in a row I’ll always remember:

“He’s still very blue and floppy, let’s get him over where we can wake him up a bit.”

With some urgency in her voice, she had DanO cut the umbilical cord. She acknowledged that our birth plan included our desire to leave the cord attached for a bit so that OBrother could get all that good cord blood, but that this was just not an option at this point.


I don’t know how routine this is, and I know my mother’s heart was never too worried (probably because my midwife and the nursing staff never seemed too worried), but there’s nothing ok with not being able to hold my baby for those moments.

Again, time is so strange when world changing things are happening. I have no idea how long the nurses had him over there – just 10 feet and 300 miles away from me. It was probably less than a couple minutes before he was back in my arms, pink, open-eyed, and perfectly perfect.


From there it was everything it should have been. We put him back on my chest and let him try to latch and nurse (human instincts are so amazing). We called him Isaac. We kissed him. We talked about how much he looked like OBoy. We said that it was wonderful to meet him.

And we told him how much we love him.

Because we do.



18 Responses to “the birth of a brother, part 2”

  1. Kim

    So beautiful, Alison. Again, thank you for sharing. You look wonderful — how do you DO that?? And I’m so happy he’s healthy.

  2. Kacia

    Oh. I’m at work….ready to pop out a baby…..SOBBING!! Love you + Cannot wait to meet OBrother! [and OBoy!..and DanO!] DUH! :O) this summer cannot come soon enough!

  3. Mae

    Thank you for sharing your story, your birth stories always (can I say always now that there are two?) stay with me.

  4. Nicole Drysdale-Rickman

    Such a beautiful birth story! I had a babe come out blue…it’s scary, and I am soooo thankful Baby Isaac is healthy and happy! If you are ever in Colorado, you have unlimited, free, babysitting!! :)

  5. Michelle

    Oh what a beautiful story, just makes me want to cry. I know the feeling, that pain of not being able to hold your baby when he is born. My son was immediately wisked away in order to be given a shot of adrenaline because he was blue and not breathing when he was born and then he was in NICU for a day, which was horrible. I just wanted to hold him and be assured he was okay. It’s an unnatural feeling to give birth and then have empty arms, I’m so thankful that my son and your precious Isaac were both okay and we both have very full arms now :)
    Many Blessings and prayers!

  6. Anna

    You forgot the part where your “Doula” cried her eyes out because it was all so amazing. :)
    Oh, and how DanO was the most perfect coach evar.
    Love you guys, dinner coming your way when you’re ready!

  7. Elaine

    I couldn’t hold my first baby after he came out right away either because it was the same situation. And I KNOW what you mean about that maybe minute feeling like FOREVER!!! I’m so glad he was put back in your arms and everything was okay. He’s perfect. Congrats again!! :D

  8. molly

    I’m so glad everything was fine with Obrother. Sometimes they just have a hard time going from fluid to air. I would be ticked about that little change too ;)

  9. Dawn S

    So glad things went smoothly for delivery and that OBrother is healthy. Do they know what caused it?

    Congratulations on your beautiful family!

  10. Sam

    Thank for sharing your birth stories! They’re so precious and helpful for those of us who have yet to experience it for ourselves. :)

  11. Cambria

    I just read this post, a little late. Congratulations on OBrother. He’s gorgeous!

    I can relate to having your baby taken from you before you have a chance to hold them. My first daughter didn’t cry and after they laid her on my tummy, they took her away. And it wasn’t far, but a team of what seemed to be 30 pediatricians (probably more like 4) came running in and I was trying to makes sense of what was happening. They kept reassuring me that she was fine, but sluggish and not breathing the way they’d like. They let me hold her for a couple of minutes, let my mom come in and quickly meet her, but then she was whisked away to the NICU. SHe was only there for a bit before being transferred to the well baby nursery, but she couldn’t be with me in the room. It was near two hours before I was able to properly hold her. Which broke my heart. But she had to be cared for there as her temperature was too low and she was being stubborn about the crying thing. Fortunately, she was released when I was and we’ve never had trouble since. But it’s terrible to have them taken from you after you birthed them.

    Hope mama-of-two-hood is going well so far!

  12. Jenny

    Was away for a week and only just read your story now.
    Love your momma instincts and how they just kicked in.
    So touching….really made my morning!


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