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capturing water

{{Remember this from last year? KNOCK IT OFF, TIME. LEAVE MAH BEBEHS ALONE.}} O, look! It IS summer. There was that one 104° day, but since then it’s been pretty gloom and doom around here. I was beginning to question my internal calendar. Kind of like I did in April when it was snowing. (non-native Minnesotan… Read more »



whoosh. the sun is streaming in, the swaddled baby burrito is stirring, and I don’t know how long DanO has been gone for work already. thunk thunk thunk. OBoy is at his door, asking for it to be morning. morning, Mommy? yes. morning. he can open his door now, he’s so big and strong, but… Read more »


a fly-by of oboy’s new room

OBoy has something he would like to show you. A couple of somethings, actually. They are airplanes! O, and I do mean airplanes! with an exclamation mark. OBoy has never in his life said the word airplane! without the implied exclamation mark. He points at the sky at even the faintest of distant overhead rumbles and declares “airplane!”. If… Read more »


cloudy with a chance snuggles

My dad and step-mom flew out from Oregon this week to meet OBrother for the first time. I think they’re taking to each other quite well. (To those of you in Minnesota, they do apologize for bringing the Oregon weather with them.)