a fly-by of oboy’s new room

OBoy has something he would like to show you.

A couple of somethings, actually.


They are airplanes! O, and I do mean airplanes! with an exclamation mark. OBoy has never in his life said the word airplane! without the implied exclamation mark. He points at the sky at even the faintest of distant overhead rumbles and declares “airplane!”.

If you look closely at this picture you can hear him saying it:


These airplanes! are for his new bedroom. You know, the one upstairs. Where we are currently sleeping. And have been for the last week.


(Did you catch that? We actually made the June 23 deadline! TAKE THAT, EXTENSIVE, NEVER-ENDING HOUSE PROJECTS. ::karate chops the air::)


While my dad and step-mom were in town, what with their extra kid-wrangling hands and all, we were able to knock a few more things off the upstairs completion check list. I found these airplanes! at HomeGoods about a week ago when I (finally) settled on the nautical americana numbers and letters robots vintage transportation theme for the boys’ bedroom.

It was a family operation to hang them from OBoy’s ceiling.


One person to hold the baby, one person to find the joists and hang the airplanes!, one person (moi) to oversee the correct placement of the airplanes!, and one person to keep all other parties hydrated. Or something like that.

(Do you ever feel like after having kids everything in your life became a production? No? Just me? Alrighty then.)


With all hands on deck, the airplanes! were secured to the ceiling at just the right angles and heights. OBoy wasn’t entirely thrilled once he realized the airplanes! were up there to stay and would not be returning to his bed where he could twirl their propellers into the wee hours of the morning, but after some bribing with a truck serious discussion he came around on the idea.


OBoy’s room is not finished being decorated yet, but is really starting to come together in my opinion.


And in his opinion, too.

(OBrother said he’s pretty much down for whatever, as far as decor goes.)


20 Responses to “a fly-by of oboy’s new room”

  1. sidnie

    Allison, I lovelovelove their room.
    And my boys also never say airplanes! without an exclamation mark. Airplanes were very dear to my FiL. David has made sure to pass that love on to our boys.

    Decorating for boys (& girls, I’m sure. But I only have boys.) is hard. We have an airplane room & a cowboy/camp out room, and the boys seem to love both.

  2. molly

    Oh so cute! I love that color on the wall. When it’s all done you’ll give us a play-by-play, yes?

    Also? I totally feel you on the “everything’s a production” comment. TOTALLY.

  3. Jackie s

    i love the paint color! what color is it, if you dont mind me asking? We’re going to paint my toddlers room soon and that is GORGEOUS.

  4. Amanda

    Love the airplanes!! HomeGoods is my favorite place for home decorating. :) And OBrother just keep getting more adorable somehow… love those rolls!

  5. Kim

    How adorable! And now that I’ve finished painting John’s room and put the ‘wallies’ up, I’m wondering if hanging trucks from the ceiling would be weird . . . .

  6. shelley

    OBoy is insanely adorable with his planes! Do you mind if I ask where you got his bedding? My own OBoy has similar blue walls and a similar Nautica quilt. He now shares a room with his just-switched-to-a-bid-boy-bed little OBrother and I want a similar quilt for my little guy’s bed, but can’t find one…

  7. Emily H.

    OMGosh his room is to die for! The shade of blue you picked is gorgeous! You’ve remined me once again why I love Home Goods so much. P.S. Did you do any color treatment to your photos aside from the vignetting? The coloring looks great. Is it just the 50mm lens? (Not that you need a spiffy lens to make your boys look adorable!)

  8. Lainers

    Look at that little chunker!!! not even 2 months old and he’s got rolls in places his body doesn’t even bend! I’m experiencing that desire to nibble you’ve talked about…

  9. Beverly

    What an adorable room! Perfect for a little boy who loves airplanes. When my oldest was a toddler, he loved planes, too, and we also had one hanging from his ceiling. We had gotten one of those that hangs from a cord (like fishing line) and would fly in a circle once you gave it a push to get it started. It was the neatest thing, and he would literally watch it fly around and around and around for hours. Or until the battery died. ;)

  10. Elaine

    Those are some pretty sweet planes and the room already looks great! Love the baby pics too… so precious!

  11. Becky

    I absolutely love his room! Your kids are so adorable. Do you mind telling me what paint color you used and where you purchased those red curtains from? Thanks so much! Have fun at the wedding!!!


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