capturing water


{{Remember this from last year? KNOCK IT OFF, TIME. LEAVE MAH BEBEHS ALONE.}}

O, look! It IS summer. There was that one 104° day, but since then it’s been pretty gloom and doom around here. I was beginning to question my internal calendar. Kind of like I did in April when it was snowing. (non-native Minnesotan says what?)

The beautiful weather arrived just in time for the O My Whirlwind Week of 2011. Tomorrow, DanO’s younger brother gets married! Family is already arriving in town, we picked up a tux today, and as I write this, DanO is hammering out his best man toast. O and also? OBoy is the ring bearer.



Alright, so my parents were in town until this week, there’s an epic wedding Friday, an O My Family shin-dig tonight after the rehearsal, but wait! there’s more! The morning after the wedding we will return the rental tux…

swing by Costco for some road-trip snacks…

and drive 4 hours to the family cabin where we will stay along with 26 other O My Extended Family members for a week. O, and I haven’t packed yet. At all. Like, in my head there’s kind of a list of sorts but between here and there I need to make my two year old wear a tuxedo and nurse a baby in wedding attire. Packing will have to wait.

Until 3am on Saturday.

Having a brand newish (8 weeks is still new, yes?) baby plus all these events (and maybe also partially because of a dumb-clutz-butterfingers move on my part, but we won’t go there) has finally allowed us to justify buying the new camera lens we have been eyeing.

A little something is stirring in me to work on photography more lately. I’ve signed DanO and I up for a class on photographing children (apt, no?) and this week I am linking up to one of my very first and favorite linkies – You Capture, hosted by Beth of I should be folding laundry. This week’s theme: water.



19 Responses to “capturing water”

  1. bethany

    that first photo, his grin is beyond adorable. have fun with all the family stuff, and don’t forget to breathe. :)

  2. Andrea O

    Adorable pictures! I’m a fellow Twin Cities mom, I love following your blog! Is the photography class that you’re attending a community ed class? My hubs has an SLR camera that, of course, he uses almost exclusively to photograph our 17 month old…sounds like something he might enjoy too :)

  3. DanO

    Man, he is growing up so fast. I remember last summer, just didn’t realize how much he has changed!

  4. Jessy

    I consider them newborns until 3 months. I feel you on the wedding preperations. I was the maid of honor in a wedding and my 4 year old was the ring bearer, oh and I had just had a baby 4 1/2 weeks before the wedding. Nursing while trying not to fail at my maid of honor duties and in between pictures and right before the wedding, it was a lot craziness. If my husband wasn’t there I don’t think we could have done it. Good luck this weekend!

  5. Annie

    Totally new still, until like month 3 or 4 : ) Have fun with the festivities, I’m sure you’ll remember those are more important than what actually gets packed or when.

  6. Amanda

    Oh what sweet pictures! :) I hope you have a great time with your family, and not too much stress!

  7. JDaniel4's Mom

    It sounds like a great weekend! Have wonderful time. I love your pictures!

  8. emily

    Great shot! I know what you mean about the weather…it is nice to see the sun again…and not only that, but to be able to get out and PLAY in it! Good luck with the family weekend!

  9. Emily H.

    Oooooo! You should pick up the new book, “Mamarazzi”. It’s on Amazon. It’s great! I heard about it (because she’s featured in it) from Kelle Hampton of enjoyingthesmallthings.com. You’d dig it, I’m sure. :)

  10. Christa

    O, wow. What a hot weekend to be so busy! I hope the tuxes are linen! I just referred someone to your blog as they are expecting and wondering about cloth diapers. I remember diaper pails and washing them out in the toilet vividly from my childhood. I have two younger brothers.
    I think your photos are excellent! I want to get better too and learn a lot more. Yes, 8 weeks is still new and I am impressed with what you all get done! Take care of yourself. We are packing too for a family weekend about 4 hours away.
    Happy 4th!

  11. Criston of My Hand in His

    My favorite is the last picture – what a cute look on OBoy’s face! Adorable! Enjoy your summer days! I am one of those 9 month preggos trying to stay INSIDE whenever possible, unless it’s after the sun goes down and it’s cooler outside than inside…or unless I have to venture out to get to some place with air conditioning :)

  12. Kim

    gaaah. That schedule. Sounds like ours. Good luck, deep breaths, and I give you huge, amazing kudos for all that family time. HUGE. :) What kind of camera, btw? I’m shopping.

  13. Ashlee

    What lens did you get if you don’t mind me asking? I’m just getting into photography myself and I only have the 18×35 that came with my SLR. I want to get a new one soon! Those pictures are so amazing and OBoy is adorable :)

  14. Sarah

    I’m also wondering what lens you are getting. I only have a kit and 50 mm, but I’ve been thinking of buying another soon. You inspired me to pull out the camera when my two year old was playing in the sprinkler this weekend, thanks!


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