cloudy with a chance snuggles

My dad and step-mom flew out from Oregon this week to meet OBrother for the first time.

I think they’re taking to each other quite well.

(To those of you in Minnesota, they do apologize for bringing the Oregon weather with them.)

10 Responses to “cloudy with a chance snuggles”

  1. Sara

    Too Cute!!! I am headed to OR (from the UP of MI) Tuesday. Actually in Spokane WA today. Hoping the weather there improves!

  2. Karey

    That is ADORABLE. B

    Oh, and as an Oregonian I feel obligated to mention that it can’t be *all* their fault for the bad weather – it’s been really nice around here lately (for a change)! ;)

  3. Kelly @ Love Well

    So THAT’S what’s going on. I’m ready to pull my hair out over the gray. (Remember, God? This is why I didn’t move to Seattle?!?) Corey is talking about slipping me St. John’s Wort in my morning coffee.

    But oh my word. That picture is an upper all in itself. THOSE LIPS! (Please come over soon. I must snuggle.)


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