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a story of regret and redemption

It’s midnight or 2 am or maybe 3, I don’t know. All I know is this is ridiculous. I look down at my first born son, mere weeks, months old, crying and flailing, latching and unlatching, and I groan out a sigh. Loud and heavy I sigh and I hope the air leaving my lungs… Read more »


this must be how zombies feel

Here it comes, the quintessential exhausted mother verbal vomit: I think we’re transitioning out of the ‘likes being swaddled when he sleeps’ stage. (That knowing, empathetic groan y’all just made collectively? I heard it from here. Thank you.) It’s a really good thing he’s cute.


didja win?

And the winners aaaaaaaaaaare: A Custom Chenille Toddler Blanket from Bird E Studios – comment 71, Tasha! A $50 shop credit to UUPP – comment 125, Angee! $25 on anything at Pear Tree Greetings – comment 58, Maggie! A Nature Baby Kimono Bodytop – comment 27, Michell Adams! A custom minky blanket or a pillowcase (winner’s choice) from Berry Unique Boutique… Read more »