better for wear

I will always remember how hard it was to find the first stretch marks in the shower.

I’m sure my abdominal muscles don’t even know what the word ‘tight’ means anymore.

I wear two sizes larger clothes than I did when I got pregnant with OBoy in 2008.

My confidence slips out from under me whenever I step on the scale.

How did this happen?

These thoughts, they chip away at me. They undermine my happiness with all of the amazing things I have been through in the last 3 years.

Having two babies in 22 months and spending the better part of 3 years pregnant has not been easy on my waistline. And let’s be honest, neither has the “it’s ok to eat it, I’m pregnant/breastfeeding” mentality. I can honestly say that I need to work on the health of my body.

But the dichotomy is that I love, love, love what my  body has done for me. Sure, faded stretch marks and muffin top aren’t something I see in the mirror and get excited about, but they mean something. They represent sacrifices my body made to bring our two sweet, beautiful, miraculous sons into the world and then nourish them exclusively for a long while. I can’t begrudge the marks or the extra padding.

So in the spirit of loving my body now, where I am, where it has brought me, I want to show it to you. I love it. I love what it is capable of and I am blessed to have it. It is beautiful.

Even in a swimsuit.


::: This post was in inspired by the confidence of the beautiful Katie of Sluiter Nation in her post here. :::

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  1. Ashley

    Mama Allison,
    Thank you so much for this post!!! I have an eight month old LO and while my best laid plans were to have most of my baby weight gone by now it hasn’t turned out that way. The breastfeeding that I thought was going to help me shed the pounds has done nothing but make me want to eat everything in front of my face while I feed my sweet little nursling. :) Anyways, thank you. I struggle with the acceptance of my new Momma self and this has boosted my confidence so much. Btw, you look great!

  2. Marybeth

    You look beautiful! I know you didn’t post this to get compliments, but I love seeing someone proud to be shaped like a mama, like me! I have had two boys 13 months apart and boy did it do wonders to my body. But I look at it, and just thank God that I was able to grow, feed and love my boys with it! Thank you for the reminder! Cute swimsuit btw! :)

  3. Katie M

    You go girl. :) amazing pic…and message. Fitting into my pre baby jeans immediately after giving birth has never been at the top of my priority list. There are def more important things! :D

  4. Nina@MommaGoRound

    Rock on momma! This is exactly what I’ve been talking about on my blog! Love who you ate, no matter what. Would LOVE to have you share this message with my readers.

  5. Katie

    Thank you for this post! I struggle with the way I look right now compared to my pre-child body, and then I look at my children and think I would do it 100 times over just to have my two precious babies! In those moments I am proud of my body, and I am trying to think that way more often!

  6. Laura

    Love this post and love this picture. You are so beautiful! The color of the suit just makes you glow! Thank you for sharing. My kidos are 22 months apart also, the body takes a beating but it handles it with charm!



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