better for wear

I will always remember how hard it was to find the first stretch marks in the shower.

I’m sure my abdominal muscles don’t even know what the word ‘tight’ means anymore.

I wear two sizes larger clothes than I did when I got pregnant with OBoy in 2008.

My confidence slips out from under me whenever I step on the scale.

How did this happen?

These thoughts, they chip away at me. They undermine my happiness with all of the amazing things I have been through in the last 3 years.

Having two babies in 22 months and spending the better part of 3 years pregnant has not been easy on my waistline. And let’s be honest, neither has the “it’s ok to eat it, I’m pregnant/breastfeeding” mentality. I can honestly say that I need to work on the health of my body.

But the dichotomy is that I love, love, love what my  body has done for me. Sure, faded stretch marks and muffin top aren’t something I see in the mirror and get excited about, but they mean something. They represent sacrifices my body made to bring our two sweet, beautiful, miraculous sons into the world and then nourish them exclusively for a long while. I can’t begrudge the marks or the extra padding.

So in the spirit of loving my body now, where I am, where it has brought me, I want to show it to you. I love it. I love what it is capable of and I am blessed to have it. It is beautiful.

Even in a swimsuit.


::: This post was in inspired by the confidence of the beautiful Katie of Sluiter Nation in her post here. :::

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  1. Steph

    I have read posts like this and so wish I could look at my stretchmarks and cellulite and not see just that but also see what they represent. My kids, my family, my life. I can’t, even though I know it would be healthier for my self esteem if I did. I haven’t worn a bathing suit in 6 years because I cringe thinking about it! I am closer though, I actually tried some on the other day! Good for you on having a good self esteem and the bathing suit looks great, the colour is fabulous!

  2. Heather @ Life as we know it with Two Twinkies & a Tater Tot

    You are so right. It is very important as women & mothers to remember our bodies have done amazing things. It’s hard to get used to our new looks post-pregnancy (I had three babies in the course of 21 months so I totally get it) and still remember it looks that way thanks to the miracle God used our bodies for. You look amazing!

  3. Suzanne

    You go mama! You’re gorgeous no matter what you wear, but your real beauty is in your amazing heart and spirit. Although you’re outside looks pretty hot too!

  4. Beth

    Allison, I think you look wonderful. Such a courageous post. You may inspire many who are hiding b/c of their body and your words will let them also see that their post baby body is a WONDERFUL thing.

  5. Danielle

    I feel the exact same way! I have two kids also (my baby girl was born just a few weeks before OBrother) and my body will never be the same. Everything is squishier and not where it was before. But I’ve still been in a swimsuit this summer and I’m not hiding in baggy clothes. ‘Cause look at those two beautiful little people…I made them!

  6. Lindsay N.

    Our bodies are amazing things – we shouldn’t care what others think…but sometimes we do. Keep doing what you’re doing, and try not to care what negative people think! You rock.

  7. Ashley

    You are beautiful, inside and out! I am struggling with similar thoughts/issues, after having 3 babies in the last 3 1/2 years. The kicker is… where in the world is there ‘extra’ time in our days filled with newborns and toddlers to work out?! Motherhood is a difficult balance in a hundred different ways. You aren’t alone. :)

  8. Darlene

    Inspiring mamma! And what a great color and swimsuit on you. You look Fab. And not just ‘ you just had a baby fab’ like totally amazing. For reals.

  9. Kaitlin cole

    Love this. I love seeing my body do what it was created to do! Nothing is more amazing then knowing I have been graced to give life through my bod that God perfectly designed!

  10. Katie

    O Allison! You look incredibly beautiful! I have always been a wee bit envious of how you glow with love for your family and for God. I have always thought you just exuded confidence and beauty! And I still do!

    Also? I love that bathing suit! So cute!!!

  11. Andrea

    I live at a summer camp where tiny little teenagers surround me every day. I see friends my age who’s bodies I used to compare to mine and know very well that there is no comparison now. But I’ve (almost) had two kids, and my friends are still single. Even so, it’s so hard to look at myself with an attitude that I am beautiful. Thank you for your inspiring words. Maybe, one day, I’ll actually don a swimsuit and join those friends in the pool that’s open every day and just a short walk away… Maybe.

  12. Kayleigh May De Cecco

    You Are an inspiration, (and I love that bathing suit)
    I have so many complexes (I also have a 2 year old) and I have a 10 month old…
    you are a beautiful woman, and After Reading some of your blog for the first time, I know you are beautiful both inside and out.
    Thank-you for this post, it is time to remind all mamma’s that the weight we bear after having a baby has meaning.

  13. Cabrina

    This is wonderful! I think every woman needs to step back and appreciate what their body has done and the miracles it has performed! We all need a reminder!

  14. Kassie

    Totally there with ya… my son is 8 months old and I still wonder if the weight will come off, but I do remind myself that the weight means something, as well!

    And you look beautiful and happy! Great color on you!

  15. kk @ the mom diggity

    Good for you. You are beautiful, perfect and exactly the way God made you. Thanks for the inspriation to love ourselves as we are…two babies in two years is TOUGH on the body!!!

  16. ams33/alisha

    It’s a pretty and flattering suit, and you look great! Isn’t it funny what a burst of confidence can do? You have totally inspired me today :) keep that confidence going mama!

  17. Julie

    “But the dichotomy is that I love, love, love what my body has done for me. Sure, faded stretch marks and muffin top aren’t something I see in the mirror and get excited about, but they mean something. They represent sacrifices my body made to bring our two sweet, beautiful, miraculous sons into the world and then nourish them exclusively for a long while. I can’t begrudge the marks or the extra padding.”


  18. Nicole

    I think you look great, and no matter how big or small your waistline is, your face remains gorgeous! Thanks for being brave enough to post this!

  19. Kimie

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!! You are beautiful and thanks for reminding us all that we should see the same! Perfect way to start a Monday. God bless you and your courage and honsesty!

  20. Elaine

    You’re such an inspiration and you look great in your suit! LOVE that color on you. And yes, your body is amazing for all that it can do! xoxo

  21. abby

    Good for you! You look great! I can completely relate…although I’ve only had one child. But my body issues have seriously put a negative spin on how I see things. I hate it and try to enjoy everything that this body has brought me. I wouldn’t trade my having a firm body for my sweet baby. So it was obviously worth every single stretch mark. But it does play a mental game in the mirror. Anyway, I’m proud of you!! You rock! (And that is a way cute suit!!)

  22. Bethany

    I LOVE this post. I am a mother to 4 {that I had in 8 years} I have come to relise that my body is what it is. I don’t own a scale, wieght is a 4 letter word in my house, I don’t diet, and I make it a point NOT to complain about my looks. I have 2 beautiful daughters and I want them to feel comfortable in who they are and how there bodies look! I eat heathy, play and go on walks with my kids, nurse my babies until they’re ready to wean, and when I have to be in a wedding I do wear spanks to even it all out. ;-) By the way you look amazing in that color!!

  23. Sarah

    Gorgeous! Both the words and the women who expressed them. It is so easy to make an idol out of our body image. Thank you!

  24. Jessica

    You look amazing! Go Mama! I just got comfortable in a swimsuit again after baby #1 who is 1!

  25. Lily

    You look gorgeous in that swimsuit. Much better than I do in mine, and I haven’t had any babies yet.

  26. Christa

    Love everything you wrote in this post! Wanna say…you have one of those beautiful faces/smiles that makes me wish I looked just like you. You have so much joy, and seem to carry yourself with such poise, that you will ALWAYS be beautiful no matter what. And like you said…each precious little one that makes our bodies so much different than they used to be (sigh) is a reminder that we were made for so much more. And that someone loves us for the things that matter. Thanks for your post, girl!

  27. Jen

    I’m proud of you… I read every post and am always inspired by what you write and how lovely your family is. I have to agree with you 100% on this subject. Since I had my daughter, I have never been more proud of my body and what it is capable of. I’m proud to have given birth naturally so that I was able to see what my body was intended for and what it is able to do. I’m proud that I was able to house my sweet baby girl (who now is no longer a baby… she’s 18 months) for 41 weeks and that she came out perfectly the way God intended her to be. I’m also proud that I have been able to breast feed her this whole time and supply her with everything she needed. Yes, my breasts don’t stand pert like they used to, they are now mother’s breasts… and my hips are definitely bigger as well. I was blessed with stretch marks in my very last week of pregnancy last time, and they had just began to really fade away when I found out I was pregnant with our second (I’m 20 weeks today! Hooray for being halfway there!). I’m ok with them and think they are beautiful because it symbolizes just how much my body undertook to help make Li’s life possible.

    I love this post and wish that more mother’s loved their body this way too! Thanks for speaking up and showing others that you ARE beautiful… with a Momma’s body to boot! :)

  28. molly

    You look pretty dang fine to me!

    Yes, those stretchmarks do mean something. For me two babies in 21 months brought varicose veins. Yuck, right? But whatev. I’ve got two super sweet, beautiful boys who show up those veins every day!


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