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Holy matrimony! DanO’s younger brother got married!

Friday, July 1 “unkie paaah” (translation: Uncle Paul) married sweet “auntie arash” (Auntie Sarah) in a beautiful wedding ceremony that was 6 years in the making. High School sweethearts! Say it with me: aaaaawe.


DanO and his siblings (who have zero family resemblance, right?) from left as introduced by OBoy, “auntie EE-uh” (Auntie Leah), “unkie paaah”, another “auntie arash” (Auntie Sarah, the younger), and “Daddy”.


Sarah and I are both now blessed enough to have married into this sweet sibling group. I’m so excited she gets to join me.


And now, friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet), I present to you to long awaited OBoy in a tux and converse.


This kid, you guys. He was completely in his element as the ring bearer in the wedding.

O, you want me to walk into a room of people as they all look at me and smile? O! OK!!

I am so thankful for OBoy’s temperament. I have said it before and I will say it again. He LOVES people. Loves them.


He has an infectious joy, my oldest son does. He just can’t help but smile at people. He had big, toothy toddler smiles for everyone, all night at the wedding and there was zero doubt that at any given moment during the whole thing, he was having an absolute blast.


He does love himself some people, but apparently even my very happy, extroverted two year old has a limit to how many pictures he can pose for.

IMG_6736.jpg IMG_6745.jpg

Will you please just look at that adorable flower girl? They were buddies, even holding hands as they walked up the aisle, and she looks so genuinely concerned for OBoy here.


Once his part in the photo sessions was over, he was out. of. there.


(I can’t even fake a picture this perfect. He literally ran away from the photographer at the end.)

Thankfully some second cousins once removed-s (SCORs?) of OBoy and OBrother’s brought a few trucks to the ceremony. These cheered him right up after pictures, plus CUTENESS IN A TUX WITH TRUCKS. WANT TO PINCH CHEEKS.


{{Can I just take a moment here to discuss how different it is to attend wedding when you have children as opposed to when you don’t? Holy guacamole. We actually hired a babysitter to come to the wedding WITH us. Yes, you read that correctly. Our lovely babysitter came to the church before the ceremony started and held OBrother while I helped OBoy with his ring bearer duties. Then, once OBoy had been sufficiently adorable on his strut up the aisle, I handed off the toddler and took the baby with me into the chapel where I actually got to watch the ceremony.




I’m sure it’s not that complicated most of the time, but because DanO had his own best man responsibilities, I needed extra hands in order to get it all done. Praise God for flexible babysitters.}}

(PS I totally nursed OBrother right there in my pew during the vows. Extreme breastfeeding and stretchy jersey-knit dresses for the win.)


I give it 9 in 10 odds that this picture makes it onto our Christmas cards this year… maybe we can paste OBrother’s face on there somehow instead of the back of his head?

{{Happy Monday! Have you read the story of our bird fiasco? I posted it on a Saturday just to mix it up a little, so you might have missed it, but it’s worth a read.}}

14 Responses to “the newest O”

  1. Emma

    O.my.word. So stinkin adorable! My ovaries are chanting “more bebahs!!!more bebahs!!”

    • AllisonO

      It is! My mother in law made it for me with OBoy. You do totally need one… but make it yourself because they can be pricey! You need 2.25 – 2.5 yards fabric and
      two 3″ sturdy metal or nylon rings. Mine are from slingrings.com.

  2. Amanda

    Sam just said, in his silly way, “who’s that smiling with my trucks?” I miss you guys. That was a whirlwind and I’m thinking I did not get to fully enjoy our time together. I’d like a do-over!

  3. Kim

    LOVE the extreme breastfeeding!! That is wonderful and perfect and I’m jealous. I have the same pictures of my John, at 2, in the tux and converse at my brothers wedding :) Except we couldn’t have him be ring bearer, as HIS temperment is not condusive to performing in large crowds on cue with a smile or actually even performing. Adorable pictures all around.

  4. Tara @ Skippin' Rope

    I think the picture should totally go on the Christmas cards and then on the inside can be a photo of OBoy and OBrother together, both faces forward :) {or just OBrother and the back of OBoy’s head to make it fair LOL}

  5. Elaine

    Precious. All of you. What a pretty wedding. I love that OBoy ran away from the photographer. He is so stinkin’ cute in those converse!!! Congrats for your BIL and his bride. :D


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