why i don’t have time for potty training right now

“poop!” he says to me, proud and excited.

“Do you need to poop, Buddy?”

“poop! poop!”

Of course, I have my shirt pulled up, nursing OBrother on an office chair I rolled into the playroom. This should be fun.

I stand up, manage to keep OBrother latched, and walk to the bathroom. I kick-slide one of the ikea toddler potties we have strewn about the house into the playroom. OBoy helps me pull down his swim trunks and clingy swim diaper (we had just come in from the sprinkler).

Then he sits. Still nursing the baby, I talk him through it from back in the office chair.

I’ll let you imagine how clean up goes.

24 Responses to “why i don’t have time for potty training right now”

  1. Jenna

    Wonder woman! No one can appreciate this quite like a mother… we are expecting our second and I am soon to realize just how precious it is to be able to attend to both of their needs at the same time! lol.

  2. Joanna

    Yeah, we’re taking a very casual approach to potty training. Like casual as in… we have a potty that we sometimes sit on lol.

  3. molly

    Dude, I totally waited until I was done nursing (I had to stop at 5 months due to much needed medication for me) to begin potty training. He was almost 28 months when I did.

    You’ll do fine. There are some very rough moments especially with a little one complicating matters (matters= wiping a toddler’s butt whilst holding a baby) but once they figure it out it is amazing.

    Keep your eye on the prize, dear, which of course is only ONE in diapers ;)

  4. Lindsi D.

    I have a 17 month old and a 3.5 yr old. I know exactly what you’re going through. I can’t even count the times I’ve jumped up from my chair with a nursing baby, ran my toddler to the potty (still nursing) then sat on the side of the tub while he pooped, then wiped his bum (STILL nursing). :-) hang in there!!

  5. Carrie

    I here ya! I was so wanting to potty train my 22 mo old, but with a 7 mo old it’s just not going to happen right now. We’re just taking it nice and slow and easy ;)

  6. Elizabeth

    Wow! You are supermom :) M is way ahead of J… he tells us when he has to poop but if we ask if he wants to go to the potty, he shouts, “No!!!”

  7. Katie

    wow. eddie knows what poop is, but refuses to admit when he’s actually doing it, let alone let me know ahead of time. and to do it all while nursing? you rock.

  8. Sarah-Anne

    bahahaha…i’m sorry, it’s not really funny. but it kinda is.
    also? you are WONDER MOMMY. just thought you should know.

  9. Amanda

    Lemme guess….”awhhh messs!”

    Will decided he wants to go on the potty too. Though I ought to be proud and happy about this, I am….exhausted! It ALWAYS comes at a bad time. But he couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it and proud of himself w/ a “good job, Wilby” to end each session (along w/ a skittle).

  10. Ashley

    GIRL! I never comment on your blog and here I am, two times in a row. Parallel lives… my 3 year old son (our firstborn) really needs to be potty trained by now. Um, yeah… he’s not because I simply cannot wrap my mind around it yet. We also have a 2 year old girl and another little girl who is now 4 months old. I guess I can’t wait forever. Actually, I HAVE to get him potty trained in 2 months or I can’t send him to preschool! ACK!

  11. Heidi Leanne

    Oh I so relate to this! I don’t know how many hours I spent on the bathroom floor nursing while singing poop songs for my oldest (who was only 20 months when my second was born, and decided she wanted to potty train right after the baby was born. Great way to get the spotlight back on her!)

    You can do it. Its hard, but the faster OBoy is out of those diapers, the easier it is for you in the long run! :-D

  12. Brettan M.

    This is a major issue in our household right now too…How hard is it to take care of a busy two year old with a newborn or infant feeding? I have found myself having to let the little one cry for a minute while I wrangle the older. The guilt is eating away at me….

  13. Nicole

    You have your hands full & I don’t think anyone in their right mind would try to tackle potty training right now! Maybe you can start fading in wet/dry concepts during the day in natural settings. That way, while you aren’t exactly working on the potty portion of potty training… you are still potty training my slowly fading in his full understanding of wet and dry. It doesn’t have to be a structured thing… when you’re changing his diaper emphasize that his diaper is wet, and then show him a DRY diaper. When touching wet objects, clearly label them as wet.. and vice versa for try. Then slowly start asking him if things are wet or dry. That way, when you guys do get to the actual potty portion, he will very clearly understand that the point is remaining dry. I posted a blog on potty training last week, it might be helpful, might not… http://bigpraiselotsofyays.blogspot.com/

    & seriously, kudos to you for being super mom and attempting potty training while nursing!

  14. Sara K {SaigeWisdom}

    potty training is not going good at my house… I thought girls were supposed to be easier?! Saige is 2.5 and with Baby K arriving late Sept I was hoping/praying I’d only have one set of diapers!! that’ll teach me for introducing the potty too early :( Awesome blog, I’m definitely a fellow baby wearing momma


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