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fall and christmas sponsorship {winner announced!}

{{The winner of the large banner for the fall was comment number 21 from Lauren:}} O, hello! It’s September tomorrow. I honestly, just, wow. August. Potty trained a toddler, started regularly working out, felt the darkness of postpartum depression creeping back in, took a road trip for a wedding, celebrated DanO’s birthday, had our car broken into… Read more »


babies: my anti-drug

This baby thing, man. Can’t get me enough. What is it about the everywhichway hair that is maybe sort of balding along the back that gets me? Why does it make me giggle and feel all bubbly inside? And his daddy’s eyes. How on earth is it possible to have exact replicas – but miniature… Read more »


three leaves toys {winner announced!}

The winner of this giveaway is comment number 31, left by Megan: Congrats! Please contact me via email to claim your prize. You guys, the interwebs is so stinking talented and creative. Honestly, I am constantly impressed and inspired by the handmade shops and small businesses out there. Remember this giveaway from O My 2nd… Read more »


file under extreme breastfeeding

We went to Afton State Park to spend the day as a family, celebrating DanO’s big TWO-FIVE last week. Bet you can’t guess what’s going on in these pictures! (I mean besides me hiking while wearing OBrother.) What? How did you know? O, right. {{I have such smart friends and readers (who are friends I… Read more »