file under extreme breastfeeding

We went to Afton State Park to spend the day as a family, celebrating DanO’s big TWO-FIVE last week.

Bet you can’t guess what’s going on in these pictures!

(I mean besides me hiking while wearing OBrother.)



How did you know?

O, right.

{{I have such smart friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet).}}


Sneaky, sneaky!

15 Responses to “file under extreme breastfeeding”

    • AllisonO

      YES! I have it in grey, purple, and turquoise. I also subscribe to the “get one in every color” philosophy.

  1. Katie M

    Definitely need assistance…im on #3 and still have not mastered that. The baby seems so high…how do u do it??!

  2. Tiffany

    I’m with Nicole :) I miss it!!
    Just today, I saw a lady b’feeding her baby in a sling only um, everyone knew it :)

  3. Savannah

    You’e hardcore! That’s awesome! When we went to Disneyland recently I nursed during The Haunted Mansion ride. I felt pretty rockin! Actually…. as weird as this may sound… I thought of you and how you’re so awesome at taking care of business discretely wherever you are! Haha!

  4. mama marchand

    I was never brave enough to try to BF in my infant carrier (I used the Sleepy Wrap). Props to you, mama!

    P.S. Do people even say “props” anymore? Did I totally just date myself? Ugh. ;)

  5. Manda

    You are awesome…. and beautiful by the way. (I hope that doesn’t sound weird.) I wish I was that talented when I was BFing.


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