my girl, Gussy {updated with winners!}

Updated August 7: This giveaway is now closed. According to random.org, comments number 284 and 169 won the shop credits. Congratulations, Courtney and cherigrimes!

{Please to be emailing me to claim your prize. omyfamilyblog AT gmail DOT com… or you can click here to use my fancy contact form and send me an email.}

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Gussy is a fellow blogging, photo-snapping, married, blond, Twin Cities-dwelling 20 something… and even a fellow ice cream lover. We have a lot of similarities.

The main difference between us? Her awesome ruffled talent.

Case in point:

Cuz hi, that’s gorgeous.

O, and also, this:

{{Ok, so I’m no Gussy, but I make cute babies… which counts for something, right?}}

All of her ruffled creations are in her shop. For inspiration from my friend Gussy, you can follow her ruffled blog here and tweets here.

I am thrilled to announce that O My Family is giving away TWO $50 SHOP CREDITS  to Gussy Sews!

{{Be still, my ruffled heart!}}

Leaving a comment on this post is all you have to do to enter! Of course, for those over achievers, you can gain one extra entry by tweeting this:

O how I love @GussySews ruffled goodness! Two $50 credits up for grabs on @OMyFamily here: http://bit.ly/p2o1mr

Just tweet it and come back here to leave ONE ADDITIONAL comment on this post letting me know that you tweeted and what your twitter name is. Any comments that don’t follow these rules will be deleted. (Play fair, friends!)

This giveaway closes at 10:00pm CST Friday August 5th. The winners will be announced the next day.

Good luck!


Disclosure: Gussy Sews has provided the spoils of this sponsored giveaway today and is a paid sponsor of O My Family. While Gussy Sews is paying the monetary costs of this giveaway, money cannot buy my opinions. Those are priceless.

485 Responses to “my girl, Gussy {updated with winners!}”

  1. Candace

    I’m so excited for this giveaway! I’ve been eyeing her gorgeous products for a while now!

  2. Megan

    awesome! I’ve known about her products for a while (as a fellow twin city dweller, I hear about her a lot!)

  3. emily

    Oh wow, lots of comments on this – but no surprise, her products are so cool!

  4. Brittany

    Very big fan of Gussy products and blog. Awesome giveaway!

  5. Ann

    Let’s be honest. Gussy is awesome. I already own one of her bags; would love to have more!!!

  6. Rosie

    I love to take pics. I love to take pics like I like to breath. I always carried my camera bc I dispised looking like a tourist. But all Mommas know whith a Toddler it isn’t easy to carry a camera and a child. Then I saw Gussys camera straps. Be still my heart. and the camera bag. Wow that’s some talent.

  7. Ashley

    Also, I tweeted! I’m @ABCmrs. And it makes me giggle when WordPress tells me I comment too quickly :)