my girl, Gussy {updated with winners!}

Updated August 7: This giveaway is now closed. According to random.org, comments number 284 and 169 won the shop credits. Congratulations, Courtney and cherigrimes!

{Please to be emailing me to claim your prize. omyfamilyblog AT gmail DOT com… or you can click here to use my fancy contact form and send me an email.}

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Gussy is a fellow blogging, photo-snapping, married, blond, Twin Cities-dwelling 20 something… and even a fellow ice cream lover. We have a lot of similarities.

The main difference between us? Her awesome ruffled talent.

Case in point:

Cuz hi, that’s gorgeous.

O, and also, this:

{{Ok, so I’m no Gussy, but I make cute babies… which counts for something, right?}}

All of her ruffled creations are in her shop. For inspiration from my friend Gussy, you can follow her ruffled blog here and tweets here.

I am thrilled to announce that O My Family is giving away TWO $50 SHOP CREDITS  to Gussy Sews!

{{Be still, my ruffled heart!}}

Leaving a comment on this post is all you have to do to enter! Of course, for those over achievers, you can gain one extra entry by tweeting this:

O how I love @GussySews ruffled goodness! Two $50 credits up for grabs on @OMyFamily here: http://bit.ly/p2o1mr

Just tweet it and come back here to leave ONE ADDITIONAL comment on this post letting me know that you tweeted and what your twitter name is. Any comments that don’t follow these rules will be deleted. (Play fair, friends!)

This giveaway closes at 10:00pm CST Friday August 5th. The winners will be announced the next day.

Good luck!


Disclosure: Gussy Sews has provided the spoils of this sponsored giveaway today and is a paid sponsor of O My Family. While Gussy Sews is paying the monetary costs of this giveaway, money cannot buy my opinions. Those are priceless.

485 Responses to “my girl, Gussy {updated with winners!}”

  1. eBR

    Can I please please win this one? I NEED that diaper wristlet!

  2. carmen

    i would love to win this giveaway, i dont have any gussy yet and would love to start my collection!

  3. Alli

    Oh goodness, such cute diaper wristlets! I would absolutely love to have one. :)

  4. Lauren S.

    What a great giveaway, thank you so much for the chance! I love your site!

  5. darcie

    ok – so I NEVER enter give aways with this many comments…
    but, I DO love me some Gussy! So of COURSE I’m entering!

  6. Cari Steiner

    Oh my goodness! These are so cute. I would love to win this giveaway! My wristlet just bit the bullet, so Gussy would be the perfect solution. :) (I also tweeted this!!).

  7. Melissa Hustead

    I just LOVE Gussy Sews giveaways!!! I am soo hoping to win this & get one of her last sultry damask totes!!! I can’t even express how much I want that tote!!! I just don’t have the money to buy it because I am a single mom raising a pre-teen, a teenage daughters & am not getting child support.

  8. Melissa Hustead

    My twitter name is MelissaHustead, & I tweeted this giveaway. PLEASE pick me random generator program :D

  9. Stephie LaBouliere

    I have seriously always wanted one her her adorable products ever since you posted the picture of Oboy in her bag. So cute!

  10. Amy O'Connor

    Adorable. I would love to get my sister one of these bags for Christmas!

  11. Sara

    Relatively new reader here… love your sweet photos of your sweet babies… and STOKED about a giveaway :)

  12. CheSaysCheryl

    I love Gussy and just moved from MN (Apple Valley) to Missouri! If I would have known, I would have stocked up before I left :)

  13. Heather

    I love ruffles and my little girl turns 1!!! in a month so lets get some ruffles!!!