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I can’t even say the word g-r-a-p-e-s in my own house. Well, I can’t say that in my own house if I don’t have anything with which to back it up. (Pardon me for still ending that sentence with a preposition, but ‘up with which to back it’ just sounds pretentious.) If I were to… Read more »


OBoy’s birthday bash {the in-real-life one}: construction themed kid’s birthday party on a budget

We decided that since so much of OBoy’s second year of life had been filled with tools, work permits, and helping DanO with the upstairs remodel (not to mention a few dozen trips to the hardware store), a construction-themed party was quite fitting. And speaking of the upstairs remodel ($$$), did I mention this party… Read more »


in a desperate attempt to finish what I start

Remember my O My Everyday project? One picture from everyday in O My life? Remember how I started strong, wavered a little around April, and then… wait for it… had a baby and didn’t update it again until almost 3 months later. Can you believe that? Who am I kidding. Of course you can. So now I am… Read more »


my girl, Gussy {updated with winners!}

Updated August 7: This giveaway is now closed. According to, comments number 284 and 169 won the shop credits. Congratulations, Courtney and cherigrimes! {Please to be emailing me to claim your prize. omyfamilyblog AT gmail DOT com… or you can click here to use my fancy contact form and send me an email.} :: :: :: ::… Read more »