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friendly friday: grocery store edition

{photo credit} After a delay last week in an act of kindness that required more effort and time than I apparently had to give, I wanted to make this week’s FF decidedly┬ámanageable. Because, you know, most of us have a lot on our plates, but we have to buy the stuff on our plates from… Read more »


the strive

I’m in one of those yearning seasons lately. Wanting to see the more in life through the 1:00am nursing, the menu planning and the time-out battles. I don’t have an office. I don’t have a team of project managers reporting to me. I don’t ‘take lunch’. Heck, I don’t even pee with the door closed…. Read more »


O, hai there. {with a giveaway}

Uhm, hi guys. Remember me? A little over a week ago I was all “Friends. Why does no one love the Friendly Fridays? Boo hoo and woe is me.” and then the following Friday… nothing. No Friendly Friday post. Heck, not even a post all week. Not because y’all didn’t totally knock my socks off… Read more »


friendly friday: put on your workboots

After a heart-check last week, I decided to do something(s) anonymously┬áthis week. The idea that started friendly friday in my head was a local radio station that encourages listeners to pay for the drive-through order of the car behind you. Going back to this, I set out to find little acts of kindness this week… Read more »