a little visual motivation

About to head out on a 9 mile run. ::gulp::

Found a few images to keep in mind around mile 6 (And 7. And 8…) from here.

The last one is my favorite, for obvious reasons.

8 Responses to “a little visual motivation”

  1. Beana

    Absolutely! I love that first one. That’s pretty much my motivation at the end of my runs. Just a little more…

  2. Kim

    Since you have me contemplating starting up my training for couch 2 5k again (I only made it week 3 last time), that last one rings true! Get it!

  3. jdogg

    i disagree because a fourteen minute mile is a mile that someone walks and a seven minute mile is one that they ran. running and walking are fundamentally different.

    but in keeping with the fun spirit of these ads i’d like to add my own:

    “if it’s a mile you drove or a mile you ran, it’s still a mile.”

    • AllisonO

      You’re right, Josh. And for that matter, “If it’s a million dollars you earned or a million dollars you stole, it’s still a million dollars.”


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