a side-by-side comparison

{I can’t stop staring at these pictures.}




9 Responses to “a side-by-side comparison”

  1. Erika

    oh my goodness, so adorable. i can’t get past just how different their eyes are! i can’t wait to see their similarities/differences as OBrother grows!

    do you guys think they are going to look alike? or will one be a mini-Allison and one a mini-dan in terms of features??

  2. LeahO

    Oh this just makes my heart melt! I miss these guys and the whole fam :(
    I hope you are doing well!

  3. rachel

    they are so sweet! i have pictures like this of my boys (same age different as yours) and if youre like me one day you’ll look at a picture of oboy and say when was obrother there? o, wait, not oboy, obrother. it’s happened many times with me :)

  4. becca

    your boys are both so beautiful! and their eyes are so stunning in such different ways =)

    we keep looking at our two and thinking of the future and other kids and how cool it is to just not know what they’re going to look like. how the genes are going to combine to make these precious little beings so similar, and so different all at the same time… love it.


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