friendly friday: grocery store edition

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After a delay last week in an act of kindness that required more effort and time than I apparently had to give, I wanted to make this week’s FF decidedly manageable. Because, you know, most of us have a lot on our plates, but we have to buy the stuff on our plates from somewhere, right?

{Get it? Our plates? Food? Groce… never mind. It’s not funny if I have to explain it.}

I’m at the grocery store every week or every other week, and I was reminded on my trip Monday how many things we can do in this one location that would have an impact on someone else’s day. Consider doing some of these small (but, really, they’re big) things next time you are just going about your regular day, getting your groceries:

  • Park in a distant parking spot if you don’t have your kiddos along. O, what a blessing it is to find a close spot when hauling two under two to the store.
  • Offer to return someone’s cart for them.
  • Purchase an extra of each (or just some) of your non-perishable items as you shop – donate them to a food shelf. (The grocery store near us even has a box just past the check outs for food donations.)
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers or a small treat for someone you know who could use a day-brightener. Drop it off on your way home.
  • If there’s a rogue cart in the parking lot, return it to the corral.
  • Have coupons for things you aren’t going to buy? Be a coupon fairy. This idea came from Tera of The Accidental Blogger when she linked up the very first FF. She describes it: “I could be seen flitting about inside the Bullseye store leaving almost $50 worth of coupons in my wake.  Seriously folks, being the coupon fairy is a lot of fun–you should definitely try it.  As I flitted, I prayed for those who would find the coupons.” Hi. Awesomest idea ever? I say yes.

Sometimes I think if I have to lofty of expectations all I do is give up when it looks like I won’t meet them (did I hear someone say last week?). This list is a good reminder for me that I can do for others as I do my usual stuff. Nothing elaborate, just living day to day life while blessing others along the way.

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Did you step out and do a friendly act this week? I would love to read about it. Please link up here. Only rules are 1) that you link to the post about your act of kindness, not just to your main blog url, that way if people are surfing through in the future, they’ll still find your post. Then, 2) within your post, link back to this post so that others can come join in the giving and the sharing and the love.

(Any links that don’t follow the rulesies will be deleted. Capiche?)

So? Go ahead! Warm fuzzies all around! Link up below:

9 Responses to “friendly friday: grocery store edition”

  1. Margaret

    Ha! I hadn’t read Tera’s link-up but I actually kept all the Target coupons from the latest mailer just to leave them in the store this week. I do that from time to time at Costco and my local grocery store, too. It is so fun, especially when the coupons are for things like diapers, formula, etc. that are so pricey. Another spin on it: once we gave a big batch of baby-stuff coupons to someone in front of us in line at Target who was clearly buying baby shower gifts. She was thrilled to get to pass them on to the mom-to-be.

  2. Sarah S

    I love this – especially #1! I always get mad a hubby when he parks in the front row. He does not get it at all but I just think that there is someone out there – either with little kids (been there) or who is not feeling well (also been there) or who is elderly (umm…will be there someday) who really would like those front row spots. We can walk.

  3. Jenny

    Awesome ideas. I love leaving coupons that I won’t be using behind. I had never thought of saying a prayer for who picks it up though. Very great.

  4. Christina

    I absolutely love this idea and am mad at myself for not taking the time to write and say so after the first Friendly Friday. I am a bad blogger (aka I write like every 3 months…) but your posts really inspire me so I’ll just write my action here in the comments section! I’ve been so busy being a mom and full time teacher that I felt like I never had time to give back. Your posts reminded me that you don’t need to set aside an entire day to volunteer or help out. I take the metro (Madrid’s subway) to my school every day. I started noticing a 3rd grade student of mine getting on the metro with his sister every day about two stops away from my home. His family just arrived a few weeks ago from the Dominican Republic and everything is new to him: friends, culture, school… One day as I was on the metro I realized I could ride with him to school and save his sister the long commute, plus he would see a friendly face from school every morning. So I offered to take him to school even though I’ll have to get up a little earlier Monday through Friday to meet him at his metro stop. In the end I feel like HE’S doing me the favor because now I can give back and I feel good about that! Thanks for the motivation, Allison!

  5. Kaycee

    I do the coupon fairy thing too! I never thought of it AS a coupon fairy but it is, how fun. :) I have even been the recipient of the coupon fairy before when going to pick something up off the shelf and seeing the coupon. I wonder how long the stockers leave the coupons there. I do a lot of the store stuff (returning carts, etc) when I am there, I guess I need to give myself more credit! :)

    I was on my way out the door in a rush to get home from school (teacher) and saw a black bag on the ground (looked like something that would hold a flute or drum sticks). I walked past it (it was empty) then thought of Friendly Friday and figured even though it might not look valuable to me it might be to a kid. Maybe it’s that kid who is always losing stuff and their parents are frustrated with them and giving it back could make their day better. So I went back and grabbed it – dashed back into the school and put it in our band teacher’s mailbox.


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