and so it begins.


I guess I should be pleased that we made it 28 months into parenting before something was graffitied.

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  1. jill

    mr. clean magic eraser…he tackled our blue crayon colored tv, and wall, and entertainment center.

    • Stephanie

      Magic eraser got permanent marker off the side of my car and a computer monitor. My son is a graffiti master! We made a chalkboard stripe on his wall, so hopefully this will help curb the urge. Anyway, Magic erasers are wonderful!

  2. sidnie

    I’m over here raising rebels….
    Everything from walls- and I mean, might as well be murals- to floors to doors to furniture.
    Drives me insane and no matter how careful I am at hiding SHARPIES and crayons and pens, Austin always seems to find something. Oh, and of course, there’s always the shoe polish to David’s shoe shining kit… That was fun to clean up.


  3. Dani

    28 months is a long time, my little one is 21 months now and we only made it to about 17 before she decided that coloring on stuff was “awesome.” Could be because she has an older sister to show her the ropes though…

  4. Cris

    If that is crayon- baby wipes will take it off no problem!

    ps- dry erase crayons are the best invention EVER.

  5. Jenna

    A certain little someone in our house escaped the craft table with a black crayon and began coloring our flat screen tv. While the crayon was invisible while the tv was off we had a big surprise when we turned it on. Mr. Clean magic eraser did the trick though thankfully!

  6. Jen

    You’re in trouble now. Grace never drew on anything. The next two …. Heaven help us … there is not a single room without a carpet, wall, door or furniture defaced.


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