keepin’ it clean…

…is easier than gettin’ it clean, can I get an amen?

The only kind of cleaning I have time for really is maintenance cleaning. 5 or 10 minutes here and there? Sure. 2 dedicated hours? Not. A. Chance. While our house is nowhere near “a place for everything and everything in its place”, I have been intentional lately about keeping up. A lot of my effort looks like this:

If you get it out, put it back.

If you open it, shut it.

If you try it on, hang it up.

If you take it off, put it in the hamper.

If you get it dirty, clean it.

…It’s not rocket science, right?

In the spirit of maintaining, I wanted to share with you the weekly cleaning list I made and have been using to be intentional about keeping up. The first one is my list, you can use that as a place to start if you want one, or I have also included a blank list for your own crafting. Download, print and clean to your little heart’s desire.

Download and print a sample/starter cleaning schedule here.

Download and print a blank cleaning schedule here.

Happy Thursday!

11 Responses to “keepin’ it clean…”

  1. Mo

    I just made a cleaning schedule too! A little while ago I made a dry erase board out of an old picture frame (thanks Pinterest!) and I use that for my meal planning as well as daily cleaning. Its so helpful to have a visible list to remind you to make time to do those chores.
    And I agree about the keeping it cleaning vs getting it clean. I have a 2 year old and a 7 week old. Somehow today I found time to scrub the shower stall in our master bathroom, but that usually doesn’t happen on a weekday!

  2. Nicole

    I am loving these posts, printed out my budget sheet and now a cleaning sheet, way to keep us on track..just need to post a menu planning sheet and you would complete me!

  3. Nicole

    THANK YOU! I so needed this right now. My day job as a teacher and night and weekend job as a mama (my favorite job) leaves little time or desire to clean. I’ve been looking for a way to prioritize so cleaning can be quicker and painless. This will be so helpful…and it’s super cute!

  4. Cheryl

    I love this – it is so what I needed ! I have been trying to figure out how to get everything done since I had my second in March . I always feel behind – I think I did a better job cleaning when I was working on my masters, taking care of a 2.5 year old and working. I am going to try hard to stick with it. – Thanks!

  5. tracy @mamacreates

    I saw your post on the juneau mom’s page ~ thanks so much for posting this! I LOVE the washi tape details….so cute….maybe even enough to inspire me get back into a regularly cleaning schedule! I didn’t have a chance to play around with the blank template yet, but it didn’t look like it was a fill-in pdf, but yours clearly looks like it was edited electronically. Did I just not pay enough attention to the doc’s properties?

    thanks again for sharing that template!

  6. Martina

    I’ve been having quite the time keep everything clean and straight with only one 4-month old and remembered this post
    I came across. You’re inspiring me to make my cleaning chart and get in order for the new year!

    (I don’t know how you do it with 2 kids- supermom! I hope to get it together before #2)

  7. rebekah

    Just printed this out for my husband. We just switched roles – I am working full time and he is full time SAHD. He needs the direction, and asked for help creating a schedule. I knew just where to come for that help!


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